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Multi-Vendor is an extended version of CS-Cart Professional. It allows creating not just online stores, but a huge shopping center with plenty of departments. This shopping mall platform is the ideal solution for larger online stores that work with a great number of independent providers, as well as online supermarkets with many departments. So-called online malls provide an opportunity to place their products on the owner's website, due to what sellers don’t have to create their own site, but simply pay a commission to the owner of the marketplace selling any products there. Multivendor script has many advantages for both the site owner and sellers. The owner of the marketplace does not need to buy and sell goods, he only attracts customers and suppliers, develops and promotes the trading platform. Sellers, in turn, do not need to create their own site and advertise products, they are engaged in accepting orders and delivering them to the client. Here are examples of such trading platforms, that are known throughout the world, - Alibaba, Amazon, eBay. In addition, there are also marketplaces that offer not goods, but services, for example - the Uber taxi service, the search for Airbnb accommodation, the TripAdvisor travel website. If the marketplace solution is flexible, you can literally create any kind of a marketplace. A marketplace for traders and trading business—no problem with that!

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How does the product work?

The owner of the virtual shopping center receives an administrative entrance to the site and has full control over all processes occurring in the market, he can also accept or reject suggestions of suppliers. Once the vendor proposition is approved, owner gets access to the vendor control panel and can download and edit products, establish availability, prices and shipping rates. In addition, there is an opportunity to see what sales and payments have been made, and what products have to be sent. When a site is filled with a good range of products, traffic moving and sales through it become the top priority for both the owner of the website and the provider. This mutually beneficial work is a great way to speed up the advancement of online business.

What is the purpose of this product?

Such platforms can be very useful for the customer, he can see there a wide range of different products, and no matter who the supplier is, one click and products are already on the doorstep of purchaser’s house, and all these is from one site. Multi-user sites offer their users such experience, which can be obtained only when working in a large trading area. This will require warehouses, buyers and distribution among other large overhead costs. With this application, only one small operation can launch an e-commerce store with thousands of inventory lines, with a fairly wide range of products offered, allowing to suggest a wide number of products at the same time. The product range can be controlled to offer a pre-selected product to a visitor, and also the access can be opened to visitors allowing them to create lists of their products.

Licensed marketplace software

Another advantage of licensed marketplace software is that it can become a community of suppliers in some cases, working together for the benefit for all of them. While their products do not compete, it makes sense to manage sales on a collective site, rather than on small individual provider sources.

Key Features

  1. The ability to sell goods from various suppliers in one store. Thus, the online store becomes a virtual shopping center with a huge number of products from around the world.
  2. If the order contains goods from different suppliers, they are automatically divided into sub-orders. Each of them contains the goods of only one supplier.
  3. All sales’ revenue goes to the chief administrator, who then dispenses them to suppliers based on the order history.
  4. Sales funds are tracked separately for each seller, which makes the process of accounting understandable and structured.
  5. Unlimited number of accounts for suppliers.
  6. An individual administration panel for each seller, from where he can control his product and select the necessary settings.
  7. The chief administrator controls the entire store and all vendor activities.
  8. Individual delivery methods for suppliers. Each supplier can customize their own delivery methods. The buyer, whose order contains the goods of different suppliers, can choose the delivery method, individual for each supplier.

In my opinion, CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is perfect for small to medium sized businesses who want to create their own online marketplace. It's a comprehensive platform for launching a successful virtual shopping mall. However, Multi-Vendor Plus is better for larger digital marketplace businesses. If you're generating substantial income, and have a flexible budget, Multi-Vendor Plus is the perfect solution for you. —

In addition, the product contains all the features of CS-Cart:

  1. the ability to create an unrestricted number of goods and their categories;
  2. built-in template editor;
  3. SEO URLs;
  4. store has been translated into many languages;
  5. plenty of currencies;
  6. promotion and marketing tools;
  7. built-in partner programs;
  8. goods return system;
  9. configurable mass import/export of goods;
  10. automatic control of the availability of goods in the warehouse;
  11. a large number of integrated payment methods;
  12. and much more.
Just create your own online marketplace and it will be quite easy to start successful trading business using this innovative solution. See what real customers say about CS-Cart Multi-Vendor:

In the time that I have used the system I have not had any problem with the software, it is a very complete tool, easy to scale, one of the most accessible solutions on the market. It is a system that adapts to any business model, integrates with any system, we are really happy with the investment. — Jeans Q.. Prior to finding CS-Cart, I had been running my marketplace on a couple of other platforms. I started on Shopify, but the cost became prohibitive. Then I moved to Opencart, which allowed me to control my costs, but the user interfaces for both the admin and vendors left a lot to be desired in its complexity. I looked through a lot of marketplace platforms, weighing both the cost and the functionality and longevity, and CS-Cart stood out as my best option. I have been running my marketplace on CS-Cart for over a year now and I am so happy with my experience, and I'm not looking to move it off the CS-Cart platform. — Meghan M..
CS-CART is one of the best CMS (Content Management System) platforms for eCommerce out there, have used it to personally from last 4 year. Some of the best features of CS-CART include 1) Easy to Install Themes - You can find thousands of themes design that suits your CS-CART site or you can have one developed. 2) Add-ons - Can find lots of use full Add-ons that can make CS-CART Multi-Vendor more power full, Accretive, and user (customer) friendly. 3) Ease of use - You can set up CS-Cart Multi-Vendor within few minutes and run your site immediately after installing. 4) Customization - You can create and customize a world-class eCommerce Multi-Vendor site with CS-Cart, the level of customization from add-ons to themes to editing the code makes your site with almost endless possibilities. 5) Built-In features - CS-Cart Multi-Vendor has some great built-in features, like the ability to create posts and pages on the fly, power full SEO features which are very important, customer review, and ranking on the product. One-Click to Buy. — A verified reviewer from
Read more about successful internet marketplaces made with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor while browsing our examples of success stories.

Shopping Mall Program

Today, ecommerce has been taken on a completely new level offering even greater opportunities for market participants than it used to be in the past. Previously, virtual vendors required to do lots of things that included managing acceptance of various payment systems, linking it to current bank accounts and applying for new software that would have enabled them to sell their products online. However, today things are totally different because the shopping mall program called Multi-Vendor brings absolutely new possibilities takes online commercial activities on the new level!

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What are the key points behind the simplicity?

First of all this is already developed product, which will allow you to start the business right now. All that is needed to do is to make the purchase and you can make a fresh start. There is no need to wait several months when a custom made development will be ready. Secondly, the Internet marketplace mall script is unique in the way that only one individual will control the whole system, making it a very efficient business. For instance, in the past lots of employees were needed in order to make the enterprise work but now the salaries that will have to be paid no matter whether your business makes any profits or not will have to be paid anyway and this is reduced to its minimum. Thirdly, by opting for CS-Cart Multi-Vendor you will create an online shopping mall with an opportunity to bring as many partners as you could. All you partners will share their profits after each sale is completed allowing diversifying the online commercial activities. Fourthly, the PHP marketplace software has a an advanced payout system that enables the customers to pay via the use of different methods of payments, when these payments are accepted on vendors’ behalf and then the remaining balance is transferred to them. This is a sheer revolution in ecommerce software design and commercial online activities too!

What needs the shopping mall program serves?

PHP marketplace software has several features without which the online business will be impossible to operate. The operations require each vendor to have its own separate panel, where description of the services and introduction of the seller are provided. Each of your partners will have its own separate virtual store, where the images of goods can be displayed to potential clients and descriptions will be written down. The internet marketplace mall solution also creates an opportunity for sellers to frequently receive their account balances, view statistics and get sales reports. The information will allow to analyze what stands behind the performance that could be improved on the basis of provided information. The clients will also benefit from the use of an Internet marketplace mall because they will be able to write feedbacks make comments and review other people’s statements about the vendors and the goods they sell. Additionally, the multi marketplace store system provides opportunity to find out the cost of shipping to any part of the world. It is possible because built in shipping calculator enables to calculate the cost of delivery automatically in real-time or manually. Customer services are provided by the use of online chart. The feature is unique due to the number of built in languages that are translated instantly when either a client of a seller types something in. Overall number is amounted to twenty-six built in translations, which is the guaranty that virtually any person from any part of the world will understand the explanations that are given to them!

Multi marketplace store

The only weakness of the shopping mall program which has been experienced by these who purchased it was the fact that it takes a while for the administrator to learn every feature of it. An employee has to come to grips with the use of the PHP marketplace software, so that his or her skills reaching perfection. In spite of this fact this problem has been solved because CS-Cart Multi-Vendor developers offer three month free technical support. Therefore, you can train as many admins as you would like including your relatives and friends as well as they will be able to substitute the administrator at any time when days off are needed or perhaps the employee goes on holidays. Multiple administrative access of the multi marketplace store tool provides an opportunity to access it from anywhere you want, which is an important advantage. When you create ecommerce marketplace the multi vendor software will offer advanced goods approval system that works on the basis of ratings given by the customers. Unwanted products which demands are low and buyers are not satisfied with simply will not be ordered. In the other hand, sophisticated order management system can order the goods automatically, directly contacting the wholesalers. At the same time detailed statistics and reports will allow to make business even more efficient as well as configurable vendor plans enables to improve the performance even better. Payout system is absolutely unique as lots of different methods of accepted payments are the reality when CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is used. The other things like diversification of business by attracting other partners, instant translations in the customer services chart, shipping calculator and the fact that this is a product that can be purchased immediately are the other advantages of the shopping mall program.

Why quality PHP marketplace software attracts more potential buyers?

This multi marketplace store software solution is a high quality ecommerce program that is extremely attractive to potential clients! Its design is clear and the tool is very easy to be used. All sections are clearly outlined and products can be searched by using different categories. These who shop online also can use the mobile application hence shopping can be made from virtually any place. Buyers can leave comments and have a quick read through the other people’s reviews. The Internet marketplace mall system is highly rated by market specialists and the bodies, which already purchased it. People who shop online adore it very much and also rate its design, features and overall shopping experience!

Besides all mentioned above, CS-Cart provides an app for Android and iOS devices that will make your online shopping center more convenient for customers.