Home and Garden Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platform

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a perfect solution for home & garden marketplaces
In 2019, the U.S. market for home and garden goods reached approximately $296 billion and is expected to increase to $308 billion by 2020.

We keep our finger on the pulse to know the latest trends of the home & garden eCommerce market—be sure that we offer the best solutions for selling home & garden products online.
A flexible filter management system allows you to create an unlimited number of product filters for your catalog.

Have you ever chosen a sofa for your living room? There are lots of things to keep in mind: the cloth material, color, dimensions, frame type, stuffing, and others. When you're buying a sofa from your local furniture store, a consultant assists you with the right choice.

In an online marketplace, filters based on features are your assistant. Product filters help you filter out all the sofas that don't fall under your requirements and find the one that meets your needs in no time.
Create product variations based on product features and manage each variation as a separate product—set individual prices, availability, and others.

Let's assume, a customer is buying a dining table with some chairs. The guy has found the right model but he can't decide on the color—lime or beige. Both fit his dining room interior. What the customer really needs now is to compare these variations without browsing the website from one side to the other. Product variations show all the available variants of the current product right on the product page—the customer just clicks the color icon and gets another option in front of his eyes.

Admins and vendors can generate product variations from combination of product features in just one click.
Common products for vendors
Create a common product base and allow your vendors to sell these products only. This way you will keep your catalog uniform and clean and avoid duplicates.

Multiple vendors can sell the same exact wardrobe in your marketplace but for a different cost. So as not to fill the catalog with multiple identical listings, you can group all the wardrobe listings under one listing and show other vendors' offerings on that listing. This way, a customer will be able to choose the most affordable price.
Comments and reviews
Motivate your customers to rate and review products and vendors—this will help other customers make the right choice.

How do you know if the lawn chair you're about to order is comfortable and durable? You don't unless you try it. In an online marketplace, you can't try this lawn chair so you may want to know what other people who bought it think about it. This is what customer reviews are for in a marketplace selling home and garden products.
Product bundles
Increase the average bill and make attractive offers for your customers by creating product bundles.

What if a customer is buying a set of garden furniture? Of course, he or she can buy all the items separately, spending more time filling the cart. But will the customer do this? There's a great chance the guy will leave for a competitor.

Instead of forcing a customer to collect the furniture set manually, offer him a bundle of all the items with a discount. You get an increased bill and a happy customer.

Another powerful features

Seller management

Build a marketplace to offer a convenient sales platform to your sellers and manage them effectively: easy to use customizable vendor panel, payout options, communication and marketing tools.

Convenient money distribution

Choose the payout method that suits you best: take all the money and pay out to the sellers, let the sellers get all the money and pay out your part, or split money from every order automatically in real time.

Marketing tools

Boost your sales and help your vendors sell more with promotions, cross-sell and upsell features, loyalty programs, and more.

Marketplace mobile app

Thanks to marketplace app development, you can get more sales from mobile shoppers: the mobile app allows buyers to conveniently shop on-the-go and sellers—to manage their catalog and orders, all in the same app without logging in to the marketplace website.

Global commerce

Scale your marketplace business globally: use over 26 translations, multiple currencies, a tax management system, 90+ payment and shipping options. Easily adapt your marketplace website for various regions.

Multiple storefronts

Scale to new regions, niches, markets and test a new business model: add as many storefronts as you want—each one with its own design, language, currency, vendors, and products. Manage all the storefronts in a single administration panel of your online marketplace.

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