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How does our marketplace development company work?

Our ecommerce solution is designed for single-vendor stores and marketplaces. When creating our platform, we add all the essential features and tools to it to help you run and grow your online business.

How do we develop a custom marketplace for you?

Our custom marketplace development process has several stages. Every stage is transparent and undergoes strict control from the beginning to the end. And on every stage we work closely with our customers to help them achieve their success.
More than testing
Devops, monitoring

Why choose CS-Cart for developing your online multi-vendor marketplace?

Having more than 17-years experience in building eCommerce websites, we definitely know how to help you start and grow your online business.

From MVP to Enterprise

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a professional software with open code for building a marketplace. Its architecture allows you to build any kind of marketplace—from MVP to Enterprise.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

Modern requirements for marketplace platforms

Low Code

You don't need any programming skills to run your marketplace


Our marketplace platform provides multiple features and tools out of the box


CS-Cart allows you to make your marketplace global due to built-in translations, multiple currencies and storefronts, etc.

User-friendly design

Clean UX and UI allow you to quickly learn our platform and start using it


Open code engine allows you to perfectly tailor your multi-vendor website to your needs

Ease of use for sellers

CS-Cart has a separate panel for vendors with all essential settings for them to come to your platform and start selling right away

What features should your marketplace have?

We advise our customers to build a minimum viable product for their marketplace first. It will allow them to avoid extra expenses and save their time. CS-Cart Multi-Vendor has all the essential features for you to quickly gather multiple sellers under one roof, and immediately start your business.

Our feature-rich multi vendor marketplace platform fits any business model

Digital product marketplace

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a perfect solution for building a marketplace of digital and downloadable products

Service-based marketplace

With CS-Cart Multi-Vendor you can launch your own service marketplace

Booking marketplace

Bring together hotels and real estate owners to a one-stop booking platform

B2B Marketplace

Our eCommerce solution for manufacturers and wholesale businesses is a great option if you want to gather B2B buyers and sellers in one place
Our digital platform is the best choice if you want to sell various products—from groceries and apparel to electronics

Product marketplace

Our feature-rich multi vendor marketplace platform fits any business model

View sales statistics and reports with diagrams and detailed information about transactions and the business in general.

Detailed Statistics and Reports

Assign privileges to your managers so that they could only have access to the platform features and data they work with.

Multiple Levels of Admin Access

Set conditions and limitations for each seller plan and define the monthly fee.

Configurable Vendor Plans

Sellers add products to your online marketplace themselves. After adding products you approve them to be sure that only approved products or services appear on the marketplace storefront.

Flexible Product Approval System

Popular payment gateway for marketplaces integrated to our multi vendor eCommerce platform, and flexible accounting system, allow you to easily distribute the money between sellers and get your share.

Advanced Seller Payout System

To speed up the start of your vendors we developed the advanced import feature for our platform. Vendors come to your marketplace, upload their products in bulk and start selling immediately.

Bulk Product Upload

Your multi-vendor website can be translated to any language. If you work globally, multiple languages are a must for your digital marketplace.

Multiple Translations

Every digital marketplace seller can get a fully-featured personal storefront with their own products, filters, category tree, and other must-have elements.

Micro-Store for Every Vendor

Sellers have their own user-friendly panel with all essential features and tools to come to your marketplace and start selling

Separate Control Panel

Offer a new way to buy from your multi-vendor marketplace via an app for Android and iOS devices.

Mobile Application

Allow your customers to create their own collections of products they want to buy and save them in their accounts.


CS-Cart Multi-Vendor allows you to offer your customers various discounts to encourage your loyal buyers, and attract new clients to your digital platform.

Flexible Promotion System

Customers can always share detailed reviews with product advantages and disadvantages, and even attach images to them.

Product Reviews

Award-winning marketplace software

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor has been the leading marketplace software on G2 and SourceForge for the last three years. It has been included in Capterra Shortlist of eCommerce Software twice in 2021 and 2022.

Custom marketplaces built on CS-Cart

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