If you are going to launch a large ecommerce project with numerous independent departments, then you are probably aware that standard web shopping carts will be useless here. Actually, you will need a specific, advanced type of ecommerce platform - online mall software, or also known as a multi-vendor shopping cart - designed specifically for multi-vendor store development and management tasks.

online shopping mall software

CS-Cart online shopping mall software

Are you on the Web market today opting for a powerful, feature-rich and still affordably priced online shopping mall software solution? CS-Cart can be the most deliberate choice! We are an established, well-known ecommerce software development company with the comprehensive selection of turnkey ecommerce tools for a wide range of online ventures with any needs and budget limits – from small shops to established online marketplaces.

Multi-Vendor Software Overview

Welcome to check out our Multi-Vendor Software – an advanced, fully-functional virtual shopping mall system that offers unmatched flexibility and usability, without requiring to invest a fortune. With multiple breakthrough tools integrated, it allows to create huge shopping malls with multiple standalone departments or sophisticated online marketplaces, where virtually an unlimited number of independent vendors can sell their products and services through a common storefront.

multi-vendor software

CS-Cart multi-vendor software

Our smart software allows tracking payable amounts for all vendors separately. By using a special built-in powerful tool, you can record your vendor payouts and have your bookkeeping always properly organized. Your vendors will be able to configure their own shipping options, while buyers will get the opportunity to choose vendor-specific shipping methods at checkout.

While every single vendor is provided with an individual administration panel to manage his/her own inventory and store settings, you, as a root administrator, obviously get full access to all stores, with the right to pre-moderate the activity of any particular vendor if required. With any sophisticated and specific online shopping mall project in mind, you can definitely match all your ideas and succeed in the long run with our Multi-Vendor Software.

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