Meet CS-Cart—a Super Feature-Packed Ecommerce Platform

It has been powering 35,000 online stores in 172 countries since 2005.

What Experts Say About CS-Cart

— CS-Cart is an impressive platform for users to any level of eCommerce experience. With loads of features at a great price, CS-Cart is a great shopping cart solution that will quickly enable your online store to do business.

American Webmasters Association

— The ecommerce platform provides an unmatched level of flexibility and offers a lot of customization features to meet your requirements. With CS-Cart your business can start from a small online store and grow into a large shopping mall.

Cart Tuning

— CS-Cart offers a complete solution for the modern retailer and has gained a lot of buzz and popularity in the last couple of years.

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Why CS-Cart is the Best Shopping Platform For Your Ecommerce Website

35,000 entrepreneurs in 172 countries have chosen CS-Cart for their businesses since 2005. The major part of our customers live and work in the US, the UK, Germany, Canada, and Australia. But CS-Cart is also trusted in distant, exotic corners of the world. Before opening their online stores, all our customers were on the cross road with an important question—what shopping platform to choose.

They chose CS-Cart. And here’s why:

Booted, Suited, and Ready to Get Executed

CS-Cart ships with 500 e-commerce features and a pre-built mobile-friendly storefront theme that you can visually customize. You can hardly imagine a feature CS-Cart software doesn’t have. When you get CS-Cart, you can start selling literally on the same day: no need to expand ecommerce functionality with add-ons or modifications. But if you do realize you need something CS-Cart doesn’t offer out of the box, you’ll definitely find what you need on the CS-Cart Marketplace.

Convenient Admin Panel

CS-Cart features a straightforward admin panel. All the menus are conveniently placed and any setting is maximum 3 clicks away. You’ll get familiar with the CS-Cart admin panel in a couple of hours and then teach your managers without too much effort.

Supported and Frequently Updated

We release 6 upgrades per year in average. Patch releases fix issues and minor (or major) releases both fix issues and add new features. We keep CS-Cart up to date, protected from hackers, and compatible with the latest server technologies. We guarantee that your CS-Cart ecommerce store won’t ever be left behind.

Accompanied by Friendly Technical Support and Community

Got into trouble with your store? The video lessons didn’t help? Don’t worry, our tech support team is here. Our support engineers are true professionals—they know CS-Cart inside out and react fast no matter where you live. Our tech support is not free. You’ll have to spend support credits to get certain kinds of assistance. But you always can get free support on the official CS-Cart forum. Our friendly community will be happy to accept you.

Got Tools to Boost Sales

CS-Cart has a powerful built-in marketing system: promotions to give bonuses to your customers, reward points to keep your customers close, cross-selling tools to increase the average bill, call requests to simplify product ordering and get leads, the multi-store feature to easily open more stores. And there are many more. With our ecommerce tools , you devote your time to the marketing strategy, not to feature development.


In free eCommerce solutions, vulnerabilities can stay for years—nobody fixes them. And hackers know how to break through. CS-Cart is totally protected against hackers. If we ever find a vulnerability, we fix it within 3 days. With CS-Cart you can be one hundred percent sure that you are protected against any hacks.

Got Rich Documentation and Video Lessons

You don’t need special knowledge to manage your CS-Cart internet store. The admin interface is straightforward: most settings are maximum 3 clicks away. To master CS-Cart even faster, we created for you detailed documentation and video lessons with step-by-step instructions on managing CS-Cart. These resources will help you find answers to 90% of your questions. Leave the rest 10% for our technical support.

Scores 92 Google PageSpeed Points

People hate slow websites. If a store page doesn’t load in 3 seconds, the customer will leave. Probably forever. That’s not about CS-Cart. Our shopping cart software is in the Google’s green zone—92 speed points out of 100. It means CS-Cart is really fast. And it can be boosted even to 95 points if you tweak your server right. Not only internet surfers, but also search engines love fast websites. This means your CS-Cart online shop will appear on the first page of search results.


Thanks to powerful built-in SEO tools and excellent performance optimization, web stores on CS-Cart get to the top of the search results in a couple of months. You don’t even need to hire a SEO specialist: just write nice products descriptions, compose your company story, fill in meta right in the admin panel and you’ll definitely get more customers.

Fully Controlled by You, the Owner

Once you buy CS-Cart—it’s all yours. You own it like you own a house and a car. No monthly payments. You have access to all the functionality: turn it off and on when you need it, add more features, and decide when to upgrade. CS-Cart is yours unlike SaaS solutions.

Super Adaptable

CS-Cart has an open source code. It means you can adapt our shopping cart software to any needs: develop more features, your own storefront theme, integrate with new payment and shipping services, and more. CS-Cart is LEGO for a skilled developer—hire one and construct an online store of your dream.

Cheaper Development

CS-Cart has everything you need to start your online business. But if you can’t find a feature you need out of the box, hire a developer to add it. Development for the CS-Cart ecommerce platform costs less that for other solutions. It is so because CS-Cart has a clean and easy-to-understand architecture. That’s why developers make modifications faster, which means cheaper.

Key Features of CS-Cart and How They Help You Sell

Open the web browser and search for any e-commerce software on the Internet. You’ll see that all the web shop platforms out there promise you pots of money and swarms of customers. But they usually don’t tell you what exactly in their solutions will help you earn more money and attract more customers.

easy-to-use ecommerce software

We know how exactly CS-Cart helps you sell. CS-Cart is a freaking awesome selling machine: sell on eBay, Facebook, and Google, embed your store to other websites as a widget, add testimonials and product reviews, increase average bill with cross-selling tools, track abandoned carts, create promotions, launch email marketing, create a blog, optimize your store for search engines, edit the look and feel of your webshop pages without coding, manage the store easily with a convenient and straightforward admin panel, open an unlimited number of extra storefronts, manage product options, features, and filters, sell downloadable products, update your catalogue in a few clicks, offer your customers over 70 payment methods and 8 world’s most trusted carriers, increase conversion rate thanks to a fast mobile-friendly storefront. And this is not the full list of the CS-Cart’s selling features.

Watch the video below to get to know about particular features and their benefits.

Or just read on.


In the Promotions section of the CS-Cart admin panel, you can construct promotions with lots of different conditions. Set the conditions a customer must meet to get a bonus, and the promotion is ready. There are a lot of bonuses: discounts, free shipping, gift certificates, invitation to special user groups, and more. With the CS-Cart’s powerful promotion system, you can stimulate sales growth, attract new customers with bonuses, and free your warehouse from shelf stock.

Reward Points and VIP User Groups

Did you know that existing customers bring the biggest part of the total income? Now you do. It’s important to keep your customers by your side. CS-Cart has a built-in loyalty system—Reward points. Give your customers points for purchases and they will return to your store again to spend them. Another way to keep your customers close is assigning them to VIP user groups. VIP customers can get free shipping for all their orders or say, buy products that other customers can’t buy. Loyal customers are paying customers.

Visual Layout Editor

What if you want to rearrange information blocks on your store pages: move product filters to the right, add banners to the top, or show product reviews at the bottom? In most cases, you’ll have to pay a coder for this work. Not with CS-Cart. Its visual layout editor allows you to build page layouts by simple drag and drop. Experiment with layouts and save money.

Multiple Storefronts

With the CS-Cart’s multi-store feature, you can open more web stores without too much trouble. Add extra storefronts and manage them all as separate shops from a single admin panel. By using multiple storefronts you can experiment with prices, product mix, target audience, and marketing strategy. Find your perfect niche and your perfect customer.

Tools to Increase Average Bill

Say your online store gained popularity: you have a large number of loyal customers and new customers keep arriving. But your income doesn’t grow that fast. The reason is—the customers don’t buy much. They put one product to the cart and complete the order. So, it’s important to convince your customers to put more products to the cart at once. CS-Cart has a set of cross-selling and upselling tools for that: Buy Together, Customers Also Bought, Bestsellers and On-Sale Products, and Required Products.

Buy with 1 Click

Two in ten customers don’t want to register in online shops and go through the checkout process. They want to click one button and get the product. With CS-Cart you won’t lose even the laziest customers thanks to the built-in call request system. A customer clicks the Buy with 1 click button, your sales manager calls back, confirms the order, and creates it manually in the admin panel.

Gift Certificates

The more customers you have, the more money you get. There are many ways to attract new customers. One of the easiest and most effective—gift certificates. Offer your actual customers gift certificates as a present for their friends and relatives. By doing this, you attract new customers thought your existing ones.

All the Payment and Shipping Services You’ll Ever Need

CS-Cart features 70 popular payment services such as PayPal, Authorize.Net, First Data, 2Checkout, SagePay, and eWay. Eight world’s most trusted carriers, such as USPS, DHL, FedEx, and UPS with dozens of shipping variants are present in CS-Cart out of the box, too. Allow your customers to choose the most convenient payment and shipping methods without additional development and integrations.

SEO Tools

Search engine optimization means a lot for increasing sales. More potential customers will reach your store, if it’s SEO-optimized. CS-Cart has all the SEO stuff that Google loves: SEO-friendly URLs, canonical URLs, 301 redirects, Google rich snippets, and more. You can also set meta tags for your store pages right in the admin panel and compose a company description. Search engines understand CS-Cart websites well and rank them highly in the search results.

Flexible Options Management

CS-Cart has a powerful option management feature called “product variations”. These variations are physical products based on options. For example, you sell a T-shirt. This T-shirt can have different sizes and colors. A blue large T-shirt and a red extra large T-shirt are variations of that T-shirt you sell. And these variations are separate physical products. Thus, you can set them up as separate products: upload multiple images, set individual prices, specify list prices, SKUs, in stock notifications, and what not.

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CS-Cart is one of the most feature-rich shopping solutions. Although CS-Cart is easy to use, mastering all the features can take time and patience. You can learn new things in two ways: yourself by reading articles and documentation or take lessons from a teacher. Learning from your personal teacher is way faster and more effective. That’s why we recorded 60 video lessons. In these lessons, your personal teacher Alex will teach you how to manage your online store based on CS-Cart. For free.

CS-Cart is a perfect ecommerce package to open an online store and start earning money literally on the same day

CS-Cart is secure and easy to use. Rich documentation and video lessons will answer almost all your questions. Leave other questions for our friendly support team.

Once you buy CS-Cart—it’s all yours. No periodic payments. No additional fees. You get the license and it’s yours. Forever. You fully control your online store. With CS-Cart, your online shop is truly yours.

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Got into Trouble? Keep Calm.
Our Technical Support Team to the Rescue.

Our support team is at your service 15 hours a day including Saturday and Sunday. Each our support engineer takes hard training—that’s why they know CS-Cart software solutions all the way from A to Z. Overall, our support engineers are good fellas. They not only help our customers but also give advice to our colleagues—marketers, writers, and the QA team.

Our support team has a wise leader—Alexey. He inspires the team and does his best to take our support service to the top. With Alexey, we managed to shorten the response time from 10 to 2 hours and increase the customers’ satisfaction rating in half a year.

cs-cart support team lead

Alexey, the CS-Cart support team lead

My great-grandmother, great-grandfather, grandmother, and mother are teachers. A real teacher dynasty. And I was working as teacher for 3 years, too. But I always wanted more complicated challenges. Working with people and helping them is my family business. That’s how I found myself in technical support. I’ve been working in the support and helping people for 15 years now. I hope I’m good at it. And I’m happy that CS-Cart is giving me opportunities to help people. My team does its best to assist CS-Cart store owners and we are glad with all heart when we get “thank you” from our customers. I’m proud of every single support engineer in my team: Nail, Olga, Svetlana, Igor, Evgeniy, and Evgeniy. Thank you for your dedicated work!

CS-Cart Support Facts


2 hours. That’s the average response time.


500 stores. That’s how many stores we help monthly.


79 customers out of 100 say our support is great, 20—that it’s OK, and only 1 isn’t satisfied.

What Our Customers Say About CS-Cart