Cutting-edge headless marketplace platform for growth.

Discover new growth opportunities for your Enterprise with a highly scalable API-first marketplace platform.
CS-Cart Enterprise
Marketplace platform that brings together 15 years of experience in eCommerce development.
CS-Cart Enterprise is built by experts for experts. It uses cutting-edge technologies both for backend and frontend to facilitate and speed up development.
Cutting-edge tech stack
Laravel framework
API-first approach
Short time-to-market
Get ready for a high load. Fast and stable with a million products.
For business
For tech
Boost loading speeds with smart caching on the application and the server levels
Search for products lightening-fast and precisely with ElasticSearch integration
Improve read performance of the database with denormalized data
Communicate with databases faster thanks to database query optimization
processing cores
average response time
20 ms
requests per second
servers in a cluster
Grow your marketplace with confidence. CS-Cart never slows you down.
Both server infrastructure and platform functionality are made to support growing traffic, catalog, seller base, and the number of locations your marketplace is present in.
For business
For tech
Multi-regional: scale to new regions and even globally with multiple languages, currencies, and flexible tax management

Multiple storefronts: connect as many storefronts as you need to enter new niches and markets

Administrator privileges: make sure your management teams do what they supposed to and don't interfere with each other

Audit: track who, where, and when make changes in your marketplace

Catalog: upload as many products as you need, with variations, features, and filters

Sellers: grow your seller base and manage them effectively with plans, flexible commissions, and a system of privileges
Varnish cluster: handles growing traffic and boosts performance thanks to caching

Application nodes: boost performance and system fault tolerance

Application worker: handles growing changes in data

Database replication:
improves performance and system fault tolerance

Redis cluster: handles growing data in cache

ElasticSearch cluster: improves system fault tolerance

GlusterFS: arranges a scalable distributed file storage system
Infrastructure scaling points
“CS-Cart’s flexibility and configurability allowed us to iterate quickly and respond to the rapidly changing market needs. Multi-Vendor technology is well thought through and scaled well with our business.”
Sanjay Sethi, CEO
Build your ecosystem around CS-Cart. Or make CS-Cart a part of it.
CS-Cart Enterprise allows a high-tech development team to change, extend, and integrate the platform the way you want and with the systems you need.
CS-Cart as the core
CS-Cart as the part
Laravel-based cutting-edge technological stack

API-first approach
to build a business ecosystem

Headless solution for integration with your interfaces

Modularity to extend the platform fast and safe

API Gateway
to crossbreed and control your services and apps

Ready tools to streamline and speed up development
Laravel-based cutting-edge technological stack

API-first approach
to build a business ecosystem

Headless solution for integration with your interfaces

Modularity to extend the platform fast and safe
GDPR and PCI DSS compliant. Protected on three levels: the code, the product, and the company.
Protect your clients’ and your own data at rest and in transit.
CS-Cart staff intensive security training
Built-in features to ensure data safety and marketplace stability
Secure coding and regular penetration testing
see who and what did in your marketplace
protected from SQLi, XSS, CSRF
Hack protection
your data will never leak outside
be sure to get all you've been promised
be compliant with industry security standards
you control all the data
Hosted on your side
Short time-to-market
Split development between the backend and frontend teams for fast time to market.
Be ahead of your competitors. Start fast and deliver features even faster.
Short time-to-market
Modern technological stack: Laravel framework is popular and easy to develop

Extreme extensibility: rich API allows you to plug and play your systems easily

Modular architecture: developers can make new features simultaneously via add-ons

Streamlined development:
let one team develop the frontend, while the other works on the backend

Fast feature deployment: ready scenarios to deliver features to a live marketplace
Forget forever about…
Long and costly development
Troublesome integration with your business
Development chaos when a single team does everything at once
Breaking deadlines because a single team can't work on frontend and backend at the same time
Errors and compatibility issues when you expand the functionality

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