Fashion Products and Apparel Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platform

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a perfect solution
for apparel marketplaces
The global fashion e-commerce market will grow from $744.4 billion in 2022 to $821.19 billion in 2023.
We keep our finger on the pulse to know the latest trends in the apparel eCommerce market—be sure that we offer the best solutions for selling apparel online.
A flexible filter management system allows you to create an unlimited number of product filters for your catalog.

When you sell apparel, filters are extremely important. They help your customers find the right product of the right size and color much quicker.

Also, you can set up a filter by brand, which allows customers to conveniently choose from certain apparel brands.
Create product variations based on product features and manage each variation as a separate product—set individual prices, availability, and others.

Product variations are a powerful tool for admins to keep the apparel catalog nice and clean and show more options to customers.

For example, you can create dozens of variants of a T-shirt based on the combination of color and size. For customers, these will be the variants of the same T-shirt, but for you, these are separate products that you can configure independently and flexibly.
Product reviews
Motivate your customers to rate and review products—this will help other customers make the right choice.

When selling apparel and shoes, you need to know what customers think about your products. Also, customer feedback is very helpful for new customers.

It works for your company's trustworthiness as well—customers see that you have buyers' reviews and consider your store popular and trusty.
Allow your vendors to have micro-stores with only their products, filters, and search.

Micro-stores are a great feature for vendors who sell products of a certain brand or style. For example, a vendor only sells Converse shoes and accessories. They can set up the look and feel of their micro-store so that it correlates with the brand.

Also, micro-stores can become an effective feature for attracting new sellers. Apparel sellers would love to have their own separate online store without building one from scratch.
Product bundles
Increase the average bill and make attractive offers for your customers by creating product bundles.

Why not offer a Louis Vuitton fan a pair of gloves in addition to a backpack? Give a discount on this bundle and increase the bill.

Product bundles not only help you sell more to a customer but also clear stocks at the end of the season.

Another powerful features

Seller management

Offer a convenient sales platform to your sellers and manage them effectively: easy to use customizable vendor panel, payout options, communication and marketing tools.

Convenient money distribution

Choose the payout method that suits you best: take all the money and pay out to the sellers, let the sellers get all the money and pay out your part, or split money from every order automatically in real time.

Marketing tools

Boost your sales and help your vendors sell more with promotions, cross-sell and upsell features, loyalty programs, and more.

Mobile app

Get more sales from mobile shoppers: the mobile app allows buyers to conveniently shop on-the-go and sellers—to manage their catalog and orders, all in the same app.

Global commerce

Scale your business globally: use over 26 translations, multiple currencies, a tax management system, 90+ payment and shipping options. Easily adapt your multi marketplace for various regions.

Multiple storefronts

Scale to new regions, niches, and markets: add as many storefronts as you want—each one with its own design, language, currency, vendors, and products. Manage all the storefronts in a single admin panel.

Successful apparel marketplaces built on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor