Our support specialists can help you configure your store, tell you about CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor functionality, and assist you with resolving the issues you might run into. We guarantee to fix all security bugs found in the original source code absolutely for free. Fixes for non-security bugs and errors are provided only in the future releases (you may need to renew your upgrade subscription). Learn more in our article about bug fixing.

This rule doesn’t apply to errors caused by code modifications made by you or any third party. CS-Cart does not guarantee to resolve an issue if there is no way to do it in this particular case (incompatible server settings, no remote access to server, etc.).

What Does Technical Support Do?

  • Advise on CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor functionality.
  • Assist in configuring the store.
  • Resolve issues that occur during software operation, if they are not the result of code modifications.
  • Make minor modifications to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor, if these modifications are within the scope of the technical support service. For more extensive modifications, use our custom development service.
  • Upgrade CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor to a later version. Please note that we don’t adapt third-party add-ons, themes, and code modifications to the new version. They may not work properly after the upgrade. In that case, you’ll need to get a compatible version from the third-party developer.
Technical support is provided in writing, and only in English.

Technical support is provided only through Customer Help Desk. Please don’t forward your questions to our support specialists by e-mail or via the contact us form on this website if you are a license owner. If you don’t have a license and access to Help Desk yet, and have a question about CS-Cart, use the Contact Us form.

At the moment, technical support is provided on business days, and only from 9:00 to 18:00 (GMT+4). Please mind this time zone difference when expecting a reply from our support team. Here are the approximate times when most of our support specialists are on duty and can reply to your message.

Los Angeles

New York


Berlin, Rome

Hong Kong, Tokyo


22:00 - 7:00

1:00 - 10:00

6:00 - 15:00

7:00 - 16:00

13:00 - 22:00

15:00 - 0:00

What Types of Support Are There?

  • Credit-based support: each CS-Cart license comes with some free support credits, and additional credits can be purchased. These credits can be used when you contact technical support.
  • Period-based support after purchase: instead of credits, each CS-Cart Ultimate and Multi-Vendor license includes a period of free technical support. The countdown starts on the day of license purchase. Once that period expires, support becomes credit-based.
  • VIP customer care: advanced support with extra services (such as online chat) and without the need for credits. It is currently available only with Multi-Vendor Ultimate.


First License

Additional License

Additional Storefront License


50 credits

30 credits

30 credits

CS-Cart Ultimate

30 days after purchase

30 days after purchase



45 days after purchase

45 days after purchase


Multi-Vendor Plus

90 days after purchase

90 days after purchase


Multi-Vendor Ultimate

1 year of VIP customer care

1 year of VIP customer care


Credit-Based Support

Consultations of our technical support specialists are assessed in credits. Credits have no time limit and can be used whenever you require our assistance. Depending on the complexity of your request, our support engineer assigns it to one of the following categories:

  • Questions about CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor functionality or how to set it up—5 credits.
  • Solving the problems caused by incorrect configuration of CS-Cart functionality. Setting up some standard CS-Cart functionality. Consultations on CS-Cart architecture and basic customization—10 credits.
  • Complex code modification—from 20 credits. The possibility and complexity of a modification are determined by the technical support specialist at his/her sole discretion. The price is agreed upon with the client.
  • Investigating problems caused by some server settings, modified files, or incorrect database data—20 credits.
  • Upgrades and examination of issues during the upgrade process within two patch versions—20 credits. Each following upgrade (excluding SP releases) costs 5 credits. For example, upgrading from 4.3.1 to 4.3.9 costs 50 credits.

Issues from the first category are always answered without any confirmation from you. For other categories, you need to agree with the assessment first. To save time, you can do it in advance when you create the ticket. Otherwise, there will be an extra step: our specialist will evaluate the cost of your request in credits and ask for your permission to proceed. If you agree, the corresponding amount of credits will be deducted from your account.

During the investigation, we may discover some facts that can change the category of the ticket. The number of credits charged will be changed accordingly.

Credits are charged for a whole ticket, and only one issue can be discussed in the ticket. Our support engineers will move unrelated questions to separate tickets.

Period-Based Support

Some of our products come with a free period of technical support instead of credits. The period is activated on the day of the license purchase. While this period lasts, you can ask an unlimited number of questions. If you ask a question during the free support period, you’ll get the answer from us even after the period expires.

What we do as part of the support period:

  • Explain the standard functionality and configuration of CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor.
  • Solve problems caused by wrong CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor configuration.
  • Set up default CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor functionality.
  • Advise on CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor architecture and minor modifications.
  • Explore questions about CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor workflow, if they are not the result of a third-party code modification.

What we DON’T DO as part of the support period:

  • Investigate issues caused by server configuration or code modification.
  • Upgrade your store and resolve issues that may occur during the upgrade (unless they are caused by bug in software).
  • Modify the default CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor functionality.
  • Resolve database issues.
You can get these kinds of support only for credits or as part of VIP customer care.

VIP Customer Care

This is an alternative to credit-based support, with extra benefits. For now, it is available only to the owners of Multi-Vendor Ultimate.

  • Guaranteed answer within 12 hours [1]
  • Unlimited number of requests
  • No support credits required
  • Free upgrade of your store to the current version from the previous version [2]
  • Up to 7 minor modifications of CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor code per month for free
  • Support via online chat [3]
VIP customer care is linked to a specific license, just like upgrade subscription. For example, we can’t upgrade several Multi-Vendor installations as part of a single support subscription.

[1] Support is still available only during our standard working time (9:00 to 18:00 GMT+4). Answers at other times and during weekends and holidays aren’t guaranteed. However, your questions will have a higher priority and will be addressed first. If you open multiple tickets at the same time, we’ll address them in the order they were received, unless one of them is clearly more urgent.

[2] We can upgrade the store for you only if you have an active upgrade subscription (or lifetime upgrades). Note that we don’t adapt third-party add-ons, themes, and code to the new version.

[3] We’ll reply to questions about CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor functionality or how to set it up directly in the chat. For other questions, we’ll create a ticket in Help Desk on your behalf and reply to the associated email address. We do it to preserve communication history and because it takes longer to process more complicated requests.

Where Do I Buy Credits or Subscribe?

All the available support services are listed on a separate page, along with prices. If you'd like more information or are interested in something that isn't on the list, please let us know via Help Desk.

Are There Any Other Ways to Get Help?

  • Tutorial videos to help you get started with CS-Cart or Multi-Vendor.
  • Documentation to help you familiarize yourself with the functionality even further.
  • Community forums for talking to other CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor users.
  • Bug tracker for reporting problems that you know how to reproduce. To see the bug tracker, you need to have a forum account linked to your Help Desk account.