Upgrade Policy

CS-Cart is constantly developed and elaborated. And we regularly release software updates that offer a range of improvements addressing everything from security and performance through to search engine optimization enhancements. Updates are thoroughly tested and quality controlled providing you with stable, tested performance enhancements that continually decrease your long-term total cost of ownership. Moreover, with updates you get new features delivered to your store.

Owning a CS-Cart / Multi-Vendor license grants you the right to run the software on a server for an unlimited amount of time. You can prolong this access by purchasing a one-year upgrade subscription plan on the Licenses page in your personal CS-Cart Help Desk account.


SoftwareWithin 1 month upon terminationAfter 1 month upon termination
CS-Cart $225 / year $355 / year
CS-Cart Ultimate $755 / year $1180 / year
CS-Cart Ultimate B2B $1430 / year $2235 / year
Multi-Vendor $245 / year $385 / year
Multi-Vendor Plus $610 / year $955 / year
Multi-Vendor Ultimate $1285 / year $1985 / year


All critical security patches and service packs are available to all customers free of charge.

This upgrade policy does not apply to licenses bought before June 16, 2008 and such licenses retain lifetime free access to new versions and updates.

Once a new version is released, we issue a special upgrade package for it which becomes available in the Upgrade Center of the CS-Cart administration panel within several days.

Upgrade Service

If you experience any problems with upgrading your CS-Cart / Multi-Vendor installation to a newer version due to your custom changes, you are welcome to use the upgrade service provided by our certified partner, Simtech Development. As the first step of the service, this company will examine your store installation, estimate the amount of work to be done and its cost.

To order this custom upgrade service, please submit a form at www.simtechdev.com.