Multi-Vendor—eCommerce Marketplace Platform

Multi-Vendor digital marketplace platform is standalone eCommerce software that allows you to build a digital marketplace business. On the marketplace, independent eСommerce vendors market and sell their products through a single storefront. CS-Cart multi-vendor software supports an unlimited number of sellers on a single digital marketplace.

Over 1300 marketplaces are built with Multi-Vendor worldwide

What is a Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platform?

Multi-Vendor is an on-premise e-commerce marketplace platform. It helps a vendor market their products online, even do business globally. On a multi seller website, every seller has their own backend panel and a digital storefront—their very own micro store with all the necessary eCommerce business features. Our marketplace php software allows you to offer a seller payment plans and take commissions for their sales automatically. You also have the digital marketplace open source code at your disposal to customize the platform the way you want: just hire developers and adapt the platform precisely to your business needs.

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CS-Cart Marketplace Platform Rating

Our eCommerce marketplace platform is highly-rated software to build digital marketplace websites. It has an average rating of 4.75 out of 5 stars on the most popular business software review platforms in the software industry: SourceForge, Capterra, G2, TrustPilot, and others.

Most Award-Winning Marketplace Platform

Olive Crown

CS-Cart marketplace platform was awarded the marketplace business software category leader of 2020 by the SourceForge service. Thanks to great user reviews, our multi-vendor software made it to the top of the rating. Also, CrozDesk and SoftwareSuggest business software aggregators awarded Multi-Vendor marketplace platform the “Best Choice”, “Best Customer Experience”, and “Most Popular” badges.

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What Business You Can Build with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Platform

CS-Cart eCommerce marketplace platform allows you to build various kinds of multi-vendor business websites working in absolutely different niches and by different business models. Want to build a super customizable retail marketplace? No problem. B2B service marketplace? You got it. C2C product or service marketplace like Craigslist? You know the answer.

Key Admin & Vendor Features

Frequently Asked Questions

You can build a marketplace on the CS-Cart software in almost any country. CS-Cart Multi-Vendor supports multi-currency and it is multilingual. There are flexible tax and region settings and over 70 payment and shipping options, so you will definitely find the right feature and settings combination for your regional marketplace.

Also, there are hundreds of ready-to-use business integration modules for local payment and shipping services in our app marketplace.

Check out examples of digital marketplaces built on the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor platform—there are hundreds of them worldwide. You can filter a marketplace by topic, country, and business model.

We provide the Amazon Cloud Hosting service with 24/7 monitoring. We will install the CS-Cart marketplace platform for you, make all configurations of the server, and support the server with no extra cost. The pricing for this service starts from $69 per month.

But you’re free to use the server of any hosting provider of your choice to build your marketplace on. Just make sure your hosting plans are compatible with CS-Cart marketplace platform system requirements.

To build a custom digital marketplace, contact our partners. Take a look at the list of developers in our Marketplace. Please contact them to get a quote for a platform modification service.

If you have an in-house development team, you can build custom eCommerce business functionality yourselves—the CS-Cart code is open.

The cost for a digital marketplace build consists of a one-time payment for a license + a monthly fee for hosting. We have only one obligatory fee, it is for the license, and it is a one-time fee, not regular. Regarding the hosting: it’s up to you to choose the service provider, just make sure the hosting meets the eCommerce marketplace platform requirements so that you could build a marketplace with fast loading times.

It is optional to purchase the upgrade subscription for your digital marketplace platform. We normally release from 4 to 6 updates during a year. Every software update brings new features, enhances marketplace usability and business security, and updates built-in integrations with 3rd-party business services.

When the upgrade subscription expires and you want to upgrade your digital marketplace platform to the latest version, you will have to buy a 1-year upgrade subscription service.

Of course, you will be able to continue using the existing version of the marketplace software without purchasing the upgrade subscription service. It is up to you whether to update your marketplace or not.

When an upgrade subscription is about to expire, you’ll get a notification right to your marketplace admin panel so as not to miss the discounted price for the subscription. The thing is that the upgrade subscription service will cost you less if you prolong it before it expires.

For more detailed information on the upgrade subscription service conditions please refer to our upgrade policy.

We have zero hidden payments.

Normally, our technical support service is paid. Two options here:

  • You can purchase support credits and use them as the currency to pay for every technical support ticket.
  • You can subscribe to our customer care service (advanced technical support) and get advanced support features with no extra cost and no need for credits. This is a recommended technical support service option when you build a digital marketplace.

However, when you purchase a CS-Cart Multi-Vendor platform license, you get a limited period of free technical support service for your digital marketplace as a bonus. For the standard edition of CS-Cart Multi-Vendor, the free support period is 45 days. For the Plus, it is 90 days. With the Ultimate edition, you will get 365 days of marketplace VIP support service.

VIP customer care means advanced support with extra services (such as online chat) and without the need for support credits. It is currently available only for a marketplace, which you build on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Ultimate.

After the free support period is over, and you still need to use our technical support service, you can purchase the monthly subscription or credits. To build and maintain a marketplace, we recommend the subscription.

The pricing for the subscription is as follows:

  • $169 USD for 1 month of customer care service
  • $300 USD for 1 month of VIP customer care (VIP customer care means advanced technical support with extra services, such as online chat and without the need for credits)

Please refer to our Support Policy to see all the information.

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there are no risks for you. If within 30 days from the moment of purchase you realize that the CS-Cart digital marketplace platform is not what you are looking for and you don’t want to build a marketplace on it, you can get a full refund.

We designed CS-Cart to be a standalone marketplace platform in the first place. It guarantees stability, hassle-free configuration, and the uniformity of the marketplace you build.

But it is still possible to integrate the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor backend with your existing frontend thanks to open code. CS-Cart also has a powerful API support for this purpose. In this case, you’ll need to hire developers to build this kind of a marketplace platform integration. You can not only integrate the Multi-Vendor backend with the existing frontend but also connect any third-party service.

You can't enter the license number into the demo, but it is possible to transfer data from your online demo to a live marketplace.

A personal marketplace demo works for 15 days for demonstration purposes only. If necessary, you can export products, categories, features, and other data from the demo to your live marketplace.

Sure, you can do it on special terms. Usually, it is quite simple to move to a more advanced edition of our digital marketplace platform but there could be important nuances in some cases. Please contact us for details.

There are several ways to draw income on your marketplace with the CS-Cart platform once you build it.

Here are some of the most obvious:

  • Get commissions for every transaction on your digital marketplace: a vendor sells a product → you get a commission for this sale.
  • Set a fixed monthly fee for selling products on your marketplace: you can do it via built-in vendor plans.
  • You can advertise your digital marketplace vendors and increase their sales, which leads to more income.
  • Set a fee for additional marketplace platform functionality. For example, setting up an exclusive vendor store design or an additional dedicated storefront for a vendor (in Ultimate only).

You can choose any of these options or set all of them at once.

In order to make your further steps easier and start getting profit from your digital marketplace, we provide you with a range of practical advice given by real owners of lucrative virtual shopping malls. Please refer to the link to see our Marketplace Academy. In the Academy, you’ll find guides on how to build an online mall and benefit from your marketplace, how to attract sellers, how to promote your marketplace, and much more.

You’re welcome to ask any questions about our software and how to start a marketplace by contacting us via this form.

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5 Reasons to Choose CS-Cart Marketplace Platform

  1. The most popular

    Our platform is one of the most popular marketplace systems in the world. It perfectly suits any kind of an online marketplace—whether you want to build a big all-in-one shopping mall or a mix of a marketplace and a social network.
  2. The most feature-rich

    Under the bonnet, the Multi-Vendor marketplace script has the most feature-rich shopping cart platform—CS-Cart. It means that your e-commerce marketplace will have all the CS-Cart features.
  3. Free customer care for 3 months

    When buying the Multi-Vendor marketplace software, you get 3 months of free premium technical support. No other ecommerce marketplace solution can offer this.
  4. Easy to learn

    The Multi-Vendor marketplace platform has the richest documentation and video tutorials. You will easily learn how to build, manage, support, and configure your internet marketplace and impart your knowledge to your online marketplace vendors.
  5. No risks at all

    We offer a 100% money-back guarantee during 30 days after the purchase. If you are not satisfied with our digital marketplace script, we'll refund your money with no hassle. You don't risk anything when you build an online marketplace with the Multi-Vendor ecommerce software.

3 Months of FREE Premium Technical Support for Your Marketplace

Our support team is ready to help you 15 hours a day including Saturday and Sunday. Each of our support engineers takes special training—that’s why these guys know the CS-Cart marketplace solution all the way from A to Z. All the support communication takes place in our Help Desk system in writing. The communications are stored: even if another engineer takes your case, you won’t have to describe your problem again. Overall, our support engineers are good fellas. And yeah, they have a Christmas tree in their office all year round. Don’t ask.

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Multi-Seller Platform Mobile App

Mobile App for Marketplace

According to Business Insider, eCommerce sales through smartphones in the US are poised to increase from $128.4 billion in 2019 to $418.9 billion through 2024. The mobile application will help reach more customers that prefer buying on the go. The marketplace app is available for iOS and Android. We build the app personally for your multi-vendor website, upload it to app stores, and support.

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