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Changes in Multi-Vendor also apply to the Plus and Ultimate editions.
Changes in Multi-Vendor Plus also apply to the Ultimate edition.
Improved Management of Debtors
Version 4.12.1 brings a new add-on called "Vendor-to-admin payments". Here are its main improvements:

  • Each vendor plan can now have its own conditions as to when vendor is considered a a debtor.

  • It is now easier to find debtors, because they now get a different status from other vendors: "Suspended".

  • You decide what to do with suspended vendors automatically (if anything at all): hide their products from the storefront and/or block their admin panels.

  • Vendors can refill their balance in advance, without becoming debtors.

Message Center
In version 4.12.1, vendors can chat with administrators and vice versa via the "Message Center" add-on.

If a vendor sends a message from the page of a product, order, or import preset, it'll be easier to understand what the vendor is talking about.

That way, you'll be able to discuss product import, orders, or product moderation (along with any other topics) with vendors.
Vendor Rating
Version 4.12.1 brings a new add-on called "Vendor Rating". It allows you to automatically split vendors into tiers: bronze, silver, and gold.

Vendors can be sorted by rating. There are many rating criteria, and you can decide how its calculated. This encourages certain actions from vendors.

For example, if you make return requests a part of rating calculation, you'll be encouraging vendors to avoid situations when return requests occur.
Easier Import for Vendors
Starting with version 4.12.1, it's enough set up the rules for importing a file (for example, from some other marketplace) once.

After that, any vendor will be able to import products from such files in a couple of clicks. Vendors will still be able to customize import presets for themselves, if necessary.
Relevant Notifications for Staff
Starting with version 4.12.1, you can precisely determine, what members of your staff receive what notifications.

This helps when you have many employees, and you want each and every of them to receive only the necessary information. You can also disable the notifications you don't need.

To configure notifications, go to "Administration → Notifications".
Updated Google Integrations
Starting with version 4.12.1, you can use the invisible Google reCAPTCHA v3 anti-bot protection. It doesn't even ask customers to tick the checkbox. Instead, it simply shows an error message when a "customer" is suspected of being a bot.

Besides reCAPTCHA v3, we added support for another Google service which is Google Analytics 4. Starting with version 4.12.2, the "Google Analytics" add-on supports the new Analytics version by default.
PayPal Commerce Platform
PayPal Commerce Platform is a solution for marketplaces to accept payments and distribute them between the involved vendors automatically.

It's support first appeared in Multi-Vendor 4.11.5, and we continued to update it to accommodate the changes on the PayPal side.

Future Plans
We are committed to achieving all of the goals listed here. But circumstances and priorities for some of them may change. Before making any serious business decisions based on the information here, please contact us for details.
Improved Product Reviews [4.13.1]
Multi-Vendor 4.13.1 will introduce some long-requested functionality for product reviews.

  • Including images in reviews.
  • Ability to reply to reviews.
  • Notifications about new reviews.
  • Easier review management.
  • Voting for reviews.
Improved Add-On Management [4.13.1]
Previously, when you needed a third-party add-on, you had to interact with the developers at their websites. Every developer could have their own process for purchasing and upgrading the add-on, etc.

We're developing CS-Cart Marketplace (marketplace.cs-cart.com) to make it an ecosystem that'll make the lives of add-on developers and their clients easier.

For example, the Marketplace already allows developers to sell add-ons (no more need for an own web-site) and distribute upgrades via the Upgrade Center (no need for you to update files manually).

To make it even easier, we're planning to rework the add-on management page in Multi-Vendor. It will include useful information from the marketplace, such as supported Multi-Vendor versions, upgrade availability, the status of license and upgrade subscription.
Easier Vendor Experience [Longer term]
Many marketplace owners have requested a simpler vendor panel. We're planning to work on it in two directions:

1. By simplifying the existing vendor panel. Here are a few examples:

  • The "Vendor Privileges" add-on already allows you to hide some menus.

  • We've recently simplified the creation of product variations and configuration of shipping methods.

  • The product editing page also has a lot of fields and tabs. Some of them may not be necessary for vendors. We've already made it possible to hide some of the fields, and more may be hide-able in the future.

2. By creating a new, simpler vendor panel from scratch. It would include the basic functionality needed for vendor's day-to-day operations in the marketplace. We're already using this approach with mobile app for vendors, and may implement something like that in the marketplace itself.
Order Fulfillment by Marketplace [Longer term]
Some of our clients have marketplaces that handle order delivery from vendors to customers. Implementing this requires some modifications. We're looking into adding this as a possible scenario for Multi-Vendor.

The first thing to do is to implement a single shipping method that charges for shipping only once, and in favor of the marketplace instead of vendors.
CS-Cart Multi-Vendor 5 [Longer term]
We don't usually announce big long-term plans. That's because the situation and priorities can change. That's why announcements are usually made when a product is close to release. But we often get questions about version 5.x of CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor, so... yes, we're working on it.

Its focal points are planned to be:
  • "Mobile first" approach to design.
  • "API first" approach to architecture.
  • Performance and scalability.
  • Ease of development (to allow for more add-ons and themes).

Once we can tell more about version 5, we'll let you know.

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Previous Releases
December 2020
4.12.1: Many Improvements for Vendors and Customers
  1. Debt management and paying the marketplace in advance.
  2. Message center for discussions between vendors and admins.
  3. Vendor rating.
  4. Easier import for vendors.
  5. Easier creation of product variations.
  6. Improved product filter performance and UX.
  7. Easier configuration of shipping methods.
  8. A lot of other improvements.

November 2019
4.11.1: Storefront Customization and Warehouses
  1. Own look for each storefront (themes, layouts, blocks).
  2. Own payment methods, promotions, and shipping methods for each storefront.
  3. Improved vendor data premoderation.
  4. Warehouses.

May 2019
4.10.1: New Checkout and Product Variations
  1. New customizable one-step checkout.
  2. Improvements to product variations: better import, filtering, and presentation.
  3. Ability to set up stores and pickup points where customers can collect their orders.
  4. Easier management of user group privileges.

October 2018
4.9.1: New Management tools
  1. Flat transaction fees (optional absolute commissions for orders).
  2. Configurable form for vendor registration.
  3. Improved mass product selection and editing.
  4. Ability to sign in to admin panel via Google (only for marketplace admins, not vendors).

June 2018
4.8.1: New Tools for Marketplaces
  1. Ability and motivation for vendors to pay their debts and fees for using vendor plans.
  2. Ability for vendors to specify their locations on Google Maps, so that customers could search for vendors and their products by distance.
  3. Ability to distribute money from orders among vendors via PayPal for Marketplaces, a new solution from PayPal that has replaced PayPal Adaptive Payments.

June 2018
4.8.1: Improvements from CS-Cart
Most of the improvements in CS-Cart 4.8.1 will remain unseen by customers, but will make an admin's life easier.

May 2018
4.7.4: GDPR Support
The main reason for this release is the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union. The regulation became enforceable on 25 May 2018.

March 2018
4.7.3: New add-ons
This version is a patch release, so it mostly contains bug fixes. However, there are also some interesting changes.

February 2018
4.7.2: Support of PHP 7.2
Even though patch releases mostly contain bug fixes, there are reasons to be excited about 4.7.2.

December 2017
4.7.1: Stripe Connect and Customer-to-Vendor Communication
Stripe Connect is a payment gateway that allows you to distribute money from orders among vendors automatically.

December 2017
4.7.1: Improvements from CS-Cart
In version 4.7.1 we focused on order management and export/import enhancements. Most of the new features are based on CS-Cart users' requests.

October 2017
4.6.3: Improvements for Customers and Admins
This patch release introduced Redactor II WYSIWYG editor for admins and fixed a few issues related to product variations.

August 2017
4.6.2: Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements.
As a patch release, this version didn't include new features. However, it fixed some issues and optimized performance.