What's New in CS-Cart Multi-Vendor:
Product Changelog

Enhance your business with our latest and planned improvements
Changes in Multi-Vendor also apply to the Plus and Ultimate editions.
Changes in Multi-Vendor Plus also apply to the Ultimate edition.
New Vendor Panel
in CS-Cart Multi-Vendor 4.14.1
Simple and Convenient
The vendor panel contains only the menu tabs and settings that vendors need to start selling right away.
Colors Matching Your Brand
Set the colors that your vendor panel will have, and choose the background image for the sidebar.
Simple Product Editing
Decide what tabs and properties to show to the vendors, and what to keep hidden.
Easily Customizable
Activate the "Vendor panel configurator" add-on to use the new vendor panel. Configure it in the add-on settings. No coding required.
Multi-Vendor Booking
Our new software allows you to quickly launch your own booking marketplace.
Learn more
Separate Categories for Multiple Storefronts
Storefronts in Multi-Vendor allow you to scale the marketplace and tailor it for different audiences. For example, you can create a storefront for a specific country: with its own style, language, payment and shipping methods, and vendors. But categories remained the same across all storefronts.

Starting with version 4.14.1, you can divide categories between the storefronts in your marketplace. Categories can be either common or belong to a particular storefront. Decide what categories you want to show on all of your storefronts, and what categories will be displayed on a specific one.
Stripe Connect: Express Accounts
Stripe Connect is a payment method that automatically distributes money from orders between the marketplace and the vendors. For that to work, vendors need to have a Stripe account or create a new one.

Stripe Connect has the functionality called Express Accounts. It is useful for vendors who don't have their own Stripe account yet. If you allow it, those vendors will be able to sign up for a Stripe Express account right from the vendor panels.

Express Accounts are much easier to register than standard Stripe accounts, and have a simpler dashboard for vendors.
Increased Google PageSpeed Score for Mobile Devices
Page speed is important for online stores, as an extra second of waiting can make the customer leave the website. Although Google PageSpeed is not always indicative of performance, it might affect how the Google search engine treats pages.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor already has good PageSpeed scores for desktops. So this time we focused on the mobile score. In version 4.14.1 the default PageSpeed score on mobile devices increased by 30% on Multi-Vendor.
Fast Landing Page Creation
Creating pages with useful content may be one of the first things to do when launching a marketplace. CS-Cart Multi-Vendor already has tools for page creation and editing. Integration with Tilda makes the content management easier and faster.

Tilda allows you to quickly create personalized landing pages for various audiences. Using the "Landing pages from Tilda" add-on you can build Tilda pages into your website. This may help you launch your marketplace easier and faster.

Future Plans
We are committed to achieving all of the goals listed here. But circumstances and priorities for some of them may change. Before making any serious business decisions based on the information here, please contact us for details.
Launch Fast, Scale Vast
After multiple surveys and interviews, we came to realize that this slogan embodies what most of our clients are after. They want to launch a marketplace quickly as an MVP, get the proof that their business idea works, and then grow the business without the need to switch platforms.

Going forward, we are planning to eliminate the obstacles on the path from an MVP to a successful marketplace. Be it by providing a wide range of features, better support and other services, etc. We can't list all the features of 4.15.1 yet, but "Launch fast, scale vast" will be the focus of the roadmap.
Zapier: Quick Integration with Other Services [4.15.1]
CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.15.1 will feature integration with Zapier, a platform that allows you to create workflows between different apps and services. This means that you'll be able to get CS-Cart to interact with one of the 4 000+ apps supported by Zapier. The list includes: Gmail and Google Spreadsheets; Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce; ShipStation, MailChimp, and many more apps.

This may not replace a full integration, but you will be able to do things like exporting orders from CS-Cart to ShipStation, or adding a new product whenever that new product is created in your vendor's Shopify store.
Improved Vendor Data Premoderation [4.15.1]
The Vendor Data Premoderation add-on allows you to monitor the changes made by vendors and approve or disapprove those changes. For example, if a vendor changes a product, the add-on gives you the chance to review the product before customers see it.

With the improved add-on, you'll also see what parts of the product your vendor changed. This will save time on checking products.
Translations into Various Languages [4.15.1 and 4.14.3]
We constantly improve CS-Cart and add new features. That means new menus, pages in the interface, and therefore new texts. We prepare them all in English.

It is CS-Cart community members who provide translation into their own languages. Our partners help by reviewing those translations. This approach ensures the best quality, but is slower. It could also result in half-completed translation.

We understand that a fully-translated CS-Cart is important for launching a project faster. That's why we'll look into completing translations into various languages from all around the world. It may involve automatic translations (which have improved greatly over the last decade). The goal here isn't to provide a perfect translation, but to help your project launch faster.
Compliance with EU Requirements [4.15.1]
We received a lot of requests regarding different legal changes in the European Union. In version 4.15.1, we want to make it easier for you to start your business there. Here are some of the intended changes:

  • Improved cookie consent in the GDPR add-on. Previously, your customers had to accept the use of cookies if they wanted to browse your site. In version 4.15.1, CS-Cart will differentiate between essential and non-essential cookies and allow your customers to browse the site even if they reject non-essential cookies.
  • Displaying price per unit where necessary. European Union has regulations that require you to show price per unit in addition to normal price. For example, if you sell a 30-milliliter flask of cosmetics at €90, you might need to also show something like "30 ml · €300 per 100 ml". CS-Cart 4.15.1 will allow you to do just that.
  • Subtracting VAT from prices for tax-exempt customers. VAT (value-added tax) needs to be included in the price in EU. But sometimes (for example, in some B2B transactions) it needs to be subtracted. Starting with version 4.15.1, CS-Cart will be able to do that if the customer's account is marked as tax exempt. We'll also consider other improvements in that regard.
CS-Cart Multi-Vendor 5
CS-Cart 5 isn't an ordinary CS-Cart update. We're building it from the ground up, with different technologies. For example, it uses Laravel for the back end, will support PostgreSQL from the start, and will use GraphQL API for interactions with the front end. This will remove the constraints imposed by legacy code, and make CS-Cart 5 easier to work with for more developers.

These big changes mean that we had to sacrifice backward compatibility with CS-Cart 4. Any existing add-ons, themes, and integrations (both ours and third-party) will have to be recreated for the new architecture. That work could take a long while, and we'd rather not have it delay the release of CS-Cart 5.

For the reasons above CS-Cart 5 will not appear in the CS-Cart 4 Upgrade Center once it releases. We realized that the audiences of both CS-Carts are widely different, to the point that they became separate products, with their own development teams. Both of them will be receiving updates in parallel.

CS-Cart 5 will be better suited for enterprises—larger businesses who employ in-house or third-party developers. The focal points of CS-Cart 5 will be:

  • "Mobile first" approach to design.
  • "API first" approach to architecture.
  • Performance and scalability.
  • Ease of development.

CS-Cart 4 will remain a better choice for those who want to start their online store or marketplace quickly, and with as little coding as possible. This is due to the hundreds of built-in features, and many more available from the CS-Cart Marketplace.

We are planning to release CS-Cart 5 in the second half of 2022 and keep enhancing it step by step. This will not affect the development of CS-Cart 4 in any way—it will keep receiving updates just as usual.

Our Products

Previous Releases
December 2021
4.14.1: New Vendor Panel
  1. New customizable vendor panel with simpler interface.
  2. Separate categories for multiple storefronts.
  3. Express accounts in Stripe Connect.
  4. Increased Google PageSpeed for mobile devices.
  5. More relevant email notifications for bigger vendors.
  6. Support of WebP images.
  7. New "Product Bundles" add-on.

May 2021
4.13.1: Workflow Improvements
  1. Delayed transfer of funds to vendors in PayPal Commerce Platform and Stripe Connect.
  2. More supported countries for PayPal Commerce Platform.
  3. Order fulfillment by marketplace.
  4. Easier management of vendor privileges.
  5. Faster approval of new vendors.
  6. Configuration wizard for new marketplaces.
  7. Improved product reviews.

December 2020
4.12.1: Many Improvements for Vendors and Customers
  1. Debt management and paying the marketplace in advance.
  2. Message center for discussions between vendors and admins.
  3. Vendor rating.
  4. Easier import for vendors.
  5. Easier creation of product variations.
  6. Improved product filter performance and UX.
  7. Easier configuration of shipping methods.
  8. A lot of other improvements.

November 2019
4.11.1: Storefront Customization and Warehouses
  1. Own look for each storefront (themes, layouts, blocks).
  2. Own payment methods, promotions, and shipping methods for each storefront.
  3. Improved vendor data premoderation.
  4. Warehouses.

May 2019
4.10.1: New Checkout and Product Variations
  1. New customizable one-step checkout.
  2. Improvements to product variations: better import, filtering, and presentation.
  3. Ability to set up stores and pickup points where customers can collect their orders.
  4. Easier management of user group privileges.

October 2018
4.9.1: New Management tools
  1. Flat transaction fees (optional absolute commissions for orders).
  2. Configurable form for vendor registration.
  3. Improved mass product selection and editing.
  4. Ability to sign in to admin panel via Google (only for marketplace admins, not vendors).

June 2018
4.8.1: New Tools for Marketplaces
  1. Ability and motivation for vendors to pay their debts and fees for using vendor plans.
  2. Ability for vendors to specify their locations on Google Maps, so that customers could search for vendors and their products by distance.
  3. Ability to distribute money from orders among vendors via PayPal for Marketplaces, a new solution from PayPal that has replaced PayPal Adaptive Payments.

June 2018
4.8.1: Improvements from CS-Cart
Most of the improvements in CS-Cart 4.8.1 will remain unseen by customers, but will make an admin's life easier.

May 2018
4.7.4: GDPR Support
The main reason for this release is the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union. The regulation became enforceable on 25 May 2018.

March 2018
4.7.3: New add-ons
This version is a patch release, so it mostly contains bug fixes. However, there are also some interesting changes.

February 2018
4.7.2: Support of PHP 7.2
Even though patch releases mostly contain bug fixes, there are reasons to be excited about 4.7.2.

December 2017
4.7.1: Stripe Connect and Customer-to-Vendor Communication
Stripe Connect is a payment gateway that allows you to distribute money from orders among vendors automatically.

December 2017
4.7.1: Improvements from CS-Cart
In version 4.7.1 we focused on order management and export/import enhancements. Most of the new features are based on CS-Cart users' requests.

October 2017
4.6.3: Improvements for Customers and Admins
This patch release introduced Redactor II WYSIWYG editor for admins and fixed a few issues related to product variations.

August 2017
4.6.2: Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements.
As a patch release, this version didn't include new features. However, it fixed some issues and optimized performance.