Marketplace Platform for Digital Products

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a perfect solution for building a marketplace of digital and downloadable products
Selling digital products online is cost-effective and hassle-free. You just create a product once and sell it repeatedly to customers. No need for a warehouse to store digital products, you don't spend time and money on packaging and shipping.

According to Statista, revenue in the Digital Media market is projected to reach US$627.60bn in 2023. And the most revenue will be generated in the United States. So, it's just the right time to start a marketplace of digital products such as ebooks, video games, apps, online courses, music, digital art, or any other.
Downloadable Products
CS-Cart Multi-Vendor allows you to set up a specialized marketplace of digital products or a mixed marketplace that offers both physical and digital goods. This feature allows your vendors to sell digital art, 3D models, online courses, software, music, games, apps, and everything else made of ones and zeros!

Just enable the Downloadable products feature in the settings, and you're good to go. You can set the time limit for downloading the product and enable customers to download the product immediately, after the full payment, or when the seller decides.

Product Reviews
CS-Cart Multi-Vendor comes with an advanced product reviews feature out of the box. Product reviews can include images and optional fields for advantages and disadvantages. Customers can vote for the reviews they find useful.

Say, you sell business software from various vendors. Business software often costs much and the business processes in a company may depend much on the software it utilizes. So, it's important that this kind of software has reviews from real users. This will help other customers understand if costly software is worth buying.

Customizable Filters
A flexible filter management system allows you to create an unlimited number of product filters for your digital product catalog.

Filters come in handy for any kind of digital products. See for yourself: selling music? The customers need a filter by genres and artists. Video games? Can't go without filters by genre, age, and the gaming platform. Digital photography? It requires filters by genre, the photographer, and the license type. You can easily configure these filters in CS-Cart Multi-Vendor.

Customizable Checkout
In CS-Cart Multi-Vendor, you can tweak the checkout page as you see fit. Use drag and drop right on the storefront to add and remove profile fields, move parts of the page, hide them, or change their looks.

Downloadable products usually don't require shipping—a customer downloads the files right from his or her customer account. You can easily disable shipping options at checkout. But what if some of your digital products come with a printed license key? Then just leave shipping methods available at checkout for sending the license key card to the customer.

Vendor Micro Stores
Micro-stores are a great feature for vendors who sell digital products of different types. For example, a vendor only sells abstract digital art. They can set up the look and feel of their micro-store so that it matches the style of the art they sell.

Also, micro-stores can become an effective feature for attracting new sellers. Independent music artists are constantly looking for new channels of music distribution. They will love to have their very own branded online store on your platform.

The Multi-Vendor's advanced promotion system allows you to offer various bonuses to your customers. Choose a condition that customers should meet to obtain a bonus. Vendors can create their own promotions as well.

For example, offer your customers music production software and give a discount on a video course on how to make music with this program and distribute it online. Or how about offering a movie for free if a customer buys two? Lots of options here!

Message Center
With this feature, customers can ask vendors about products, order details, or simply contact you or your vendors. A marketplace administration and vendors can contact each other as well to discuss promotion campaigns, sales, policies, and other business topics. For example, a customer can ask a seller about the features of the software they sell. The customer can do it right on the product page.

All the communication is stored in threads. Messages and threads are saved to the database and can be viewed in the Message Center, both in the admin panel and on the storefront.

Another powerful features

Seller management

Build a marketplace to offer a convenient sales platform to your sellers and manage them effectively: easy to use customizable vendor panel, payout options, communication and marketing tools.

Convenient money distribution

Choose the payout method that suits you best: take all the money and pay out to the sellers, let the sellers get all the money and pay out your part, or split money from every order automatically in real time.

Marketing tools

Boost your sales and help your vendors sell more with promotions, cross-sell and upsell features, loyalty programs, and more.

Marketplace mobile app

Thanks to marketplace app development, you can get more sales from mobile shoppers: the mobile app allows buyers to conveniently shop on-the-go and sellers—to manage their catalog and orders, all in the same app without logging in to the marketplace website.

Global commerce

Scale your marketplace business globally: use over 26 translations, multiple currencies, a tax management system, 90+ payment and shipping options. Easily adapt your marketplace website for various regions.

Multiple storefronts

Scale to new regions, niches, markets and test a new business model: add as many storefronts as you want—each one with its own design, language, currency, vendors, and products. Manage all the storefronts in a single administration panel of your online marketplace.

Successful digital products marketplaces built on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor