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  •  What is CS-Cart?

    CS-Cart is a turnkey eCommerce shopping cart software solution, which includes all the features necessary to build a successful and competitive online business.

    Built using open source technologies, PHP/MySQL, Smarty, CS-Cart is flexible and highly customizable software making it easy to modify the program and extend its functionality according to your needs. CS-Cart software is installed only on your web site (hosting server) and both its storefront and admin panel are managed via web browser allowing you to access from any location with an internet connection.

    There are two available products by CS-Cart: CS-Cart - advanced product with multi-store functionality allowing administrating multiple storefronts with shared database from a single admin panel; Multi-Vendor - an extended product to create an online marketplace with independent sellers or a virtual mall with many separate departments.

    To learn more about CS-Cart shopping cart software, look through the list of main features, read our comprehensive documentation, or simply try the online demo and see how you can buy easy, sell easier.

  •  On what operating systems does CS-Cart run?

    CS-Cart shopping cart software works well on Unix-like operating systems (Linux, FreeBSD, OS X). These systems are scalable, more secure, and offer better performance. Although CS-Cart does work on Windows, we do not recommend it.

  •  What browsers does CS-Cart work with?

    CS-Cart works with all major web browsers, including FireFox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera and Safari, among others.

  •  Are there any discounts on CS-Cart shopping cart software?

    Yes! Currently, we offer a $40 discount on each additional CS-Cart license. If you are interested in wholesale pricing for resellers, please visit the Reseller program page for information on pricing.

  •  How often are CS-Cart updates released?

    New versions of CS-Cart, which include new add-ons, skins, etc., are released 2-3 times a year. New releases are announced in our blog.

  •  Will I be able to make code modifications in the full version of CS-Cart by myself?

    CS-Cart comes with 100% open source code, so it is highly customizable. You can make any changes in the source code of the software and extend the default functionality. But please keep in mind that all responsibility for possible consequences rests with you. In case of a problem our support engineers will not be able to help you, as they do not analyze the code added by CS-Cart users or third parties.

    Also, our partner developers would be happy to help you customize your store on a paid basis so that it satisfies all your business needs.

  •  Does CS-Cart work with PayPal?

    Yes. PayPal, PayPal Pro, PayPal Express Checkout payment gateways are supported by CS-Cart. There are more than 50 payment service providers fully integrated into CS-Cart. The full list can be found on the Payment systems page. If your preferred payment provider is not on the list, you can always make a request and we will develop a custom payment module for you.

  •  Does your cart provide live and accurate shipping quotes?

    Yes. Real-time shipping can be provided from the world's most trusted shipping carriers such as FedEx, USPS, Canada Post, Australia Post and DHL. Manual shipping methods are also available in CS-Cart Shopping Cart software. By utilizing the full range of settings within our software, you control the accuracy of the shipping quotes.

  •  Can I prevent order and other sensitive information from being accessed by staff?

    CS-Cart shopping cart features multiple levels of administrative access that may be customized for each administrator within your company. You decide which information each employee can access.


  •  Does CS-Cart support SSL?

    Yes. All you need is an SSL enabled server and your own or a shared certificate installed on the server.

  •  Is CS-Cart PCI Compliant?

    Yes. We consider security an integral component of shopping cart software. Please read more to see how CS-Cart can help you to meet the latest security requirements.


  •  Is CS-Cart search engine friendly?

    Yes. CS-Cart software is completely search engine friendly and designed to get optimum results in the major search engines. The SEO addon, which allows you to automatically create dynamic URLs from static ones, is integrated with CS-Cart. The enabled add-on may elevate the ranking of your web site in a search engine listing. We also recommend adding metatags and keywords to all pages of your store.

  •  Can I sell digital downloads, ebooks, software, etc. with CS-Cart?

    Yes. CS-Cart has a comprehensive digital delivery system. After purchasing a digital product your customer will receive an e-mail with link to the file (immediately or only after you approve the order manually). You will also be able to define a period of time the download will be available and can extend this period for a specific order by the store administrator on the order details page.

  •  We deal with an international client base and need to have the site in a number of languages. Is that possible?

    Yes. CS-Cart is completely multilingual. Each version of CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor software contains translations that were fully or partly completed at the release date (95% and more language variables translated). Translations with less than 95% completeness are also available to download at crowdin.com/project/cs-cart-latest.

    Additionally, the content of any CS-Cart pages both in the storefront and admin panel can be easily translated into any language, allowing you to add a new language in the CS-Cart admin panel on your own.

    You can learn more about CS-Cart translation features by visiting our documentation.

  •  Is it possible to close my store to the public from time to time?

    Yes. Our admin panel features an option for closing the store to the public, while also allowing you access to the store at any time.

  •  I sell a wide variety of products. Will I have to add each one individually?

    No. The CS-Cart import feature allows you to upload your entire product database at once in a CSV format (supported by MS Excel). You can also use this feature to import your user, order and translation databases.

  •  Is it possible to add options (e.g. color) to each individual product?

    Yes. Options can be added on a per-product basis. The additional product options will be displayed on the product list and product details pages in the customer front-end.

    You can add a wide range of options and use our settings to adjust them however you need. You are able to select a display type of the option: a select or a check box, a radio group, a text input text or a text area. Some options may have different variants (color - black, white, green, etc.) and it is possible to specify a separate price for each of these option variants as well as image. Moreover, you have the ability to create a global option and apply it to all selected products with one click.

  •  Does your cart have the drop shipping feature?

    Yes. This feature is available in the standard version of CS-Cart. It allows retailers to showcase goods in the store but not keep them in stock. When such products are purchased, CS-Cart emails wholesalers (suppliers) order and shipping details. In such cases, suppliers ship products directly to the customer and shipping costs are calculated based upon the supplier's address. Your profit is the difference between the wholesale and retail prices.

  •  Does your cart collect any statistical data?

    CS-Cart software collects a wide range of statistics covering various aspects of store attendance. Analyzing this information allows store administrators to make necessary improvements and maximize store efficiency.

  •  Is there a limit to the number of products I can have in my store?

    No. With CS-Cart you can have an unlimited number of products as well as categories. Thanks to the use of the world's most famous MySQL databases and other contemporary technologies, CS-Cart does not limit you in any way.

Design changes

  • Can I replace the CS-Cart logo with my own?

    Yes. In order to change the standard CS-Cart logo to your own, just need to upload your logo via the CS-Cart admin panel. CS-Cart also enables you to change logos for the administration panel, gift certificates, invoices and sign in box.

  •  Can I edit the 'Powered by CS-Cart - shopping cart software' link included in the footer?

    Yes. To learn how to edit the 'Powered by CS-Cart – shopping cart software' link contained within your CS-Cart web store, refer to the CS-Cart documentation.

Trial version

  •  I have downloaded the trial version of CS-Cart. How do I install it?

    Please refer to the installation instructions.

  •  I've bought the full CS-Cart version. Where do I enter my license key in order to update the trial version to the full one?

    The license key is not used to activate the trial version. The license key is a unique code identifying your CS-Cart license. You will not be allowed to install and use the full version of CS-Cart software unless a license has been purchased for the domain and the license key has been acquired. Upgrading a trial installation to the full paid version requires purchasing a CS-Cart license on the Buy Now page. No file update will be required.

Purchase & Support

  •  I'm going to buy the full version of CS-Cart. How long does it take to get the software?

    Order processing usually takes several hours, but not usually more than one business day. More details about the purchase can be found on the How will I get CS-Cart? page.

  •  I want to buy two CS-Cart licenses at once. What should I do?

    Begin with purchasing your first CS-Cart license on the Buy Now page of this website. As a result of the purchase, you will be provided with access to our Customer Help Desk, where you can download the program and buy the additional licenses at a discounted price once your order is complete and verified.

  •  I currently don't know which web site I will install CS-Cart on. Can I still buy the software?

    Absolutely. You can purchase a CS-Cart license even if you don't know your future domain name at this time. Enter «localhost» into the «License URL» field at checkout and you will be allowed to install on a local computer or network. Before installing CS-Cart on a web site, you must inform us of the proper domain name, so that we can update our license database.

  •  Can the domain name of my CS-Cart license be changed after the purchase?

    If you decide to use CS-Cart on a site with a new domain name, it is necessary to inform us of the change in the license domain name in advance. You can do so by sending the request to our Customer Help Desk and specifying the new domain name of the site.

  •  May I install a test copy of CS-Cart or a development copy?

    Each CS-Cart license allows installation of an additional copy of CS-Cart for development and testing purposes. This copy must be unavailable for public access on the Internet, which can be done either by installing CS-Cart on a local computer or defining an access password to it.

  •  Your payment system does not accept my credit card. Are there any alternative ways to buy CS-Cart?

    Please contact us and our specialist will offer you another way to pay for the software or our services.

  •  How can I renew my technical support subscription?

    Additional support credits can be purchased on our website system. For the service terms and conditions, please refer to the Support page.