Published: Apr 16, 2018 Last updated: Jun 24, 2022 Yan Kulakov
Multi-Vendor is one of the most productive software for creating a huge multifunctional shopping mall. Let's try to understand, why. The sale of products on the Internet has become an effective and popular way of creating business for profitable earning that is why many people are wondering how to make online shopping mall web marketplace system and what they need to do to make it happen. First, it is reasonable to determine whether it makes sense to open a virtual market of sale. To understand whether it is profitable to start such a business, it is needed to carefully study the market. Much depends on the chosen niche and the level of competition. Opening an online store is profitable if:

  1. there is not enough finances to create an ordinary shopping center;
  2. to expand a trading business that is already functioning;
  3. there is a desire to work in the territory of a certain locality (in a large city).
It is also economically advantageous to open a virtual shopping center as an additional way of selling the goods. The use of high-quality software for a successful and profitable start-up is what everyone needs to open a trading platform at a low cost.

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Irreplaceable solution in trading business

Multi-Vendor gives a chance to create shopping centers, huge Internet portals with many suppliers and sellers, but with one showcase. In this case, each seller can independently manage their products in the personal department. Buyers do not know from which vendor they purchased the goods however the system automatically tracks the history of orders and purchases, so the leading administrator knows exactly how much a particular seller of goods sold. Also in this version it is possible to configure individual delivery options for each seller. The system has 100% open source code, which allows changing the system in the future depending on changing needs of the Internet shopping center. This qualitative platform is one of the most popular trading solutions. Talking about the ease of use, it is one of the market leaders, since any person who has basic knowledge of using a computer can work with it. A powerful and fast program that helps to open source Multi-Vendor ecommerce will not disappoint with its capabilities and functionality. This is perfectly suitable for creating large trading platforms of any complexity.

Key benefits of Multi-Vendor

The program has a lot of advantages for both the administrator of the shopping center, as well as for sellers and buyers. The program is highly convenient for the administrator, since it has an intuitive web interface. Administrator can operate all functions of the shopping center, is able to see all user actions and can interfere the process if it is necessary. Among the most important functions are:

  1. an unlimited number of administrator accounts;
  2. multiple levels of access to administration;
  3. viewing abandoned orders (orders that were not made by buyers for any reason);
  4. backup of the database (copies of DB can be done directly from the admin panel);
  5. creation and editing of advertising banners on the main page;
  6. creation and management of delivery methods and payment for goods;
  7. simple and quick addition of goods, categories, information pages, etc.
  8. possibility of SEO-optimizing a shopping mall to search engines;
  9. built-in block of statistics (visits, transitions, geography and so on);
  10. stock management of goods in the warehouse;
  11. ability to configure any site parameter in real time.
Sellers are also can get a number of benefits of this software usage:

  1. get their personal accounts in the store;
  2. implement different actions with products as adding, modifying or deleting;
  3. n
  4. possibility to get update of order status;
  5. possibility to save the order;
  6. function of viewing the payment method which the customer used for the purchase;
  7. create coupons and discounts;
  8. distribute products to existing categories;
  9. accept payments directly to PayPal accounts.

Web marketplace solutions

The platform is quite convenient for the buyer as well. Convenience concerns not only the wide functionality that gives the user the complete freedom of actions possible in a modern online store, but also the style of fulfillment of all elements of the online store. In the shopping center made with help of this solution, the following options will be available to buyer:

  1. modern catalog of goods, performed in the style of a mega menu;
  2. products’ filter within categories that made on the Ajax-technology. This filter allows picking up goods according to the parameters of interest of the buyer;
  3. ability to preview the best Multi-Vendor shopping cart in a pop-up window;
  4. convenient personal buyer profile;
  5. quick search of the goods (it is needed just to enter a word or a part of it and purchaser will see the prompts in the form of quickly found goods in the drop-down list);
  6. registration of an order on one page.
  7. view order history;
  8. ability to edit the parameters of goods right in the basket.
Opportunities for a regular customer:

  1. keeping the contents of the basket in the database;
  2. unlimited number of profiles for each client;
  3. possibility of changing the details for registered users;
  4. ability to view order history for registered users.
Web marketplace solutions like CS-Cart Multi-Vendor give each of all software users a chance to gain some profit of buying, selling or owning this market place.

If you are not sure that will be able to use our ecommerce platform with easy, browse through our User Guide - we are always ready to help with any related problem you may have.

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