Published: Sep 28, 2011 Last updated: Sep 28, 2011 Yan Kulakov

As a start-up business owner you should know that when it comes to launching your own retail business, costs of opening a store and hiring staff are one of the most substantial investments. Alternatively, moving your business online can save a fortune. Launching a web store is much easier than setting up a physical store since there is no need to rent a facility and maintain a sales team. E-commerce websites are becoming an ideal option for businesses willing to target large international audience without huge initial investments.

If you are going to start your own online store, it's very important to choose a reliable e-commerce platform that will provide necessary features to run a successful web store. CS-Cart is a powerful open source e-commerce system designed to suit specific requirements of online vendors. This shopping cart software can be easily installed on your existing website to add e-commerce functionality or used to build a stand-alone e-store.

Actually, with professional CS-Cart open source e-commerce software, you can set up and maintain an e-commerce website of any size. This is rather obvious, as we offer two different ecommerce platforms to online vendors. In the other words, ordinary online shop owners can equip their business projects with CS-Cart software, as it was specially created for small and mid-size web stores. And our second ecommerce platform is Multi-Vendor software, which helps web merchants launch, control and manage their online multiple marketplaces without problems.

CS-Cart Tools and Features

Various open source e-commerce solutions offer different features. Some of them are standard while others can make a big difference to overall success of your online business. CS-Cart shopping cart solution includes advanced tools that offer a wide range of opportunities when it comes to making initial setup, filling up your store with products and attracting customers. Moreover, inventory tracking, adding more products, collecting statistical data, setting up payment options/shipping methods and managing customer orders - is not the full list of options CS-Cart has to offer.

Keep in mind that an attractive website design is everything when it comes to making a good first impression and gaining customer trust. CS-Cart open source e-commerce software offers you advanced design & layout options to achieve that professional look of your web store. In addition, design architecture of our shopping cart system is based on Smarty template engine that makes it very simple to change the look and feel of your storefront in a matter of minutes.

Moreover, as we know that online merchants always want to research features of web store carts on their own before making a final decision, so we have decided to allow them to evaluate our ecommerce platforms in a demo mode. But, if you intend to buy our web shopping carts, then contact us via this form: and we will help you with your order.