Published: Dec 6, 2011 Last updated: Aug 4, 2021 Yan Anderson

Online shopping has become a major Web trend since it's very convenient to buy your favorite products without wasting valuable time and efforts on endless searches. That's why, if you wish to take your offline business to the next level, it's high time to take advantage of electronic commerce. Simply imagine that instead of using a third-party service to sell products online, you can open your own online store and start trading internationally. The benefits are obvious since you can save a fortune while expanding your business globally.

As a start-up online vendor, you may wonder what a ecommerce store platform will better match your requirements. CS-Cart is here to address all your needs! We are proud to offer you a powerful ecommerce shopping cart system that serves as a standalone web application for building and managing an online shop of almost any size. Whether you are planning to open your first web store to start trading online or thinking about changing your current ecommerce platform, CS-Cart will ensure excellent performance in both cases.

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Main Advantages

Keep in mind that we don't offer a single all-purpose shopping cart program that is perfect for all business types. CS-Cart is available in several editions: CS-Cart software that was developed for for mid-size businesses and Multi-Vendor software, which can be used by those online businessmen, who want to launch large internet shopping malls. Moreover, while you need to pay every month to continue using some shopping carts, with our open source ecommerce platform you just pay a one-time fee to buy the license that provides you with the right to use it with no time limitations.

Before choosing a shopping cart system for your website, make sure that it offers support for a number of payment and shipping methods to provide ultimate convenience for your clients. CS-Cart includes all the features allowing you to establish a successful branded web presence. You can easily set up your shop online, fill it in with both digital products and tangible goods, add various options necessary for successful online transactions and use advanced settings to adjust your store while managing everything from products to customer orders via an intuitive web-based administration panel.

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marketplace open source

Since CS-Cart is based on a 100% open source code, you can make code modifications in the full version of our software and extend its standard functionality.