Lesson 26. Products — Shipping Properties

The Shipping properties tab contains a number of product properties that are important for automatic shipping cost calculation in CS-Cart php online shopping cart. So, specify this information to ease the shipping processing in the business ecommerce software in the future.

First, the weight of a single item in the default unit weight. By default it is measured in pounds. This setting influences a shipping method weight dependencies. Dependencies in turn influence the shipping cost. They are found at the Shipping charges tab of the shipping method editing page. The general rule here is the bigger the weight the more shipping will cost.

Free shipping. Tick this checkbox, and the product will be excluded from the shipping cost calculation. Again, this setting is related to the similar one from the shipping method settings. Only if both of them are enabled, free shipping will become possible.

The Shipping freight setting adds a fee to the shipping cost of the selected product. It’s not related to shipping methods settings of the web shop creator.

Items in a box. The minimum and maximum number of product items to be shipped in a separate box. Usually it’s 1 - 1 (only one product per box). But if you change numbers in this setting, you will be able to change the box parameters. Tweak them according to your needs.

In the end we would like to remind you that all these changes affect the shipping cost.