Lesson 27. Products — Features. Part 1

Today we are going to learn how to work with features from the Admin panel of CS-Cart online ecommerce shopping cart software.

Features are unique attributes of products in the software for an e-commerce website. They can be used for multiple purposes on a storefront.

The page contains a list of all product features that are available in your store. To the right there is a panel to switch between features and feature groups. You can arrange features into groups and then edit the settings of the whole group instead of editing every single feature.

The first thing worth mentioning is the feature creation process for website shopping cart software. It is simple, it doesn’t take much time, and very effective overall. During the procedure you can specify not only the general properties of a certain feature but assign it to a group, display the feature on the Features tab on the product details page, show this feature on product list pages along with product description, and place the feature under the product header. The Prefix and Suffix settings. What you enter here will appear before and after the feature value.

After that we can turn to the Categories tab and Add categories, the feature will be assigned to products in these categories.

After creating a form for your feature you will need to fill it with content on the product editing page. This way the feature becomes complete in the php e-commerce solution.

That’s it about working with features from the Admin panel of CS-Cart shopping cart software solution.