Lesson 25. Products — Options. Part 2

This time we are going to speak about local product options and option combinations in CS-Cart, the best web shop software.

To manage options of a specific product in the Admin panel of the web store shopping cart software select the desired product, and switch to the Options tab.

On this tab there are four buttons and a list of options. The Add option button serves for creating and adding a custom option for the certain product only. Also there is the second tab for variants.

If you have two or more options for a product you can create option combinations for your e-commerce shop software. Organizing options this way makes inventory tracking easier. Only Checkbox, Select box, and Radiogroup options can be a part of a combination. An option must also have the Inventory checkbox ticked, or it won’t appear among the options of the combination.

The last button on this tab is the Allowed/Forbidden combinations button The type of the button depends on the Exceptions type setting. After creating the combinations they will be added to the list of exceptions. If the product has forbidden combinations, customers won’t be able to add those combinations to cart in the web shop builder.

That’s how we work with local options and combinations in CS-Cart online shopping cart script.