Lesson 24. Products — Options. Part 1

Today we will take a look at the global product options in CS-Cart online store creator. These options are usually can be applied to lots of products in the store. Here’s the detailed description of its properties.

The purposes of name and position are clear. Inventory here is different from the one of a product. So, if you tick this checkbox, this option can become a part of an option combination. The stock is tracked separately for each option combination. The inventory can be enabled only after the options was created.

Type. How the option is supposed to look like and work.

Some option types have variants that customers can choose on the product page. Variants are added on the Variants tab. Variants have their own settings and modifiers, so read the titles carefully before adding anything.

The description of the product option. It will appear on the storefront under the question sign next to the option name. The comment is displayed below the option on the product page on the storefront.

The Required setting. If you tick this checkbox, customers won’t be able to purchase the product without selecting this option.

The Missing variants handling is a complicated one. This setting determines the behavior of the store when a forbidden or missing option combinations is selected.

This way we create a global product option that can be applied to any product in the website shopping cart solution.

That was a short explanation of option basic principles in CS-Cart e-commerce store software.