Lesson 28. Products — Features. Part 2

Today we are going to learn about features’ application in CS-Cart online shop creator.

First of all the feature serves as an additional source of information about the product. For this purpose it is usually presented on the Features tab on the product details page of the online ecommerce shopping cart. Then the feature can be placed in the header of a Product to appear right under the title. Usually we place brands here. Features might also appear along with the general information.

Filters in e-commerce web software can be based on features. For example, brand and operating system are popular feature variants to filter by among customers.

You can even search by using features, just enter the variant of the feature to find related products.

And there is one more application for the features in the web based shopping cart. They are used for comparing products. Just add two products to the comparison list, and compare their features. Customers can even sort them out: view all features, similar only, or different only.

As you can see there is a number of applications for features on in the electronic shopping cart software.