Lesson 29. Products — Filters

Filters are a part and parcel of any modern website shopping cart program. By using them customers quickly find the products that meet specific parameters. The parameters for filters can be either the standard product fields or the extra fields defined in Products → Features.

The description of the feature properties might come in handy if you need to understand how features work in online shopping php script. So, here it is.

Filter name and position. This two doesn’t need an explanation.

Filter by is the major setting. It determines what sort of thing is going to be used as a filter. It can be either features or product fields. Display type. Expanded displays the full content of the filter on a storefront, and Minimized hides the filter content under the arrow icon.

Number of displayed filter variants before scroll. We choose the number of filter variants to be displayed on the screen. The other variants will be shown when scrolling a list.

Don’t forget to switch to the Categories tab and add categories on which pages this filter will be displayed. If you leave this tab empty the filter will be applied to every category in the store.

Filters added to a storefront via blocks of the web shopping cart solution. Several templates are available. They determine the general look of filter blocks. Original makes a box with all available product filters and a price slider. Selected filters creates a Box with filters selected by a customer. Horizontal filters takes all available product filters with content hidden under an arrow icon. And the Content tab to set up filters individually for each category.

And that’s how you handle filters in CS-Cart ecommerce solution for small business.