Lesson 10. CS-Cart Settings — Checkout

Checkout settings regulate the checkout process. CS-Cart shopping cart tool has a very flexible checkout system so that everybody could adjust it to their needs.

Disable anonymous checkout. Prohibits customers to checkout as guests during checkout process. They have to either log in or register in order to proceed.

The next is Profile address section order. Decides which address should go first Billing or Shipping. By the way when two addresses completely match each other one absorbs another.

Ask customers to agree with terms & conditions during checkout. Standard procedure. In order to proceed with checkout customers have to agree with terms and conditions.

Allow customers to pay order again if transaction was declined. If the setting is enabled, customers will be allowed to carry out the same transaction if it failed previously.

Offer guest to create an account after successful order. After the order is placed guest customer will receive an offer to register and become a regular customer.

Configure “Sign in” step of your website store software. Choose whether to display the Returning customer or New customer section first. You can also hide the Sign in step, if it doesn’t have any required contact info fields, and anonymous checkout is allowed.

Default option for the "New customer" section at the "Sign in". This determines where the radio button will be placed when customer visits the Sign in step. We recommend to leave the radio button at the register position. This helps to increase the number of registered customers in a store.

Simplify the checkout process in your open source shopping cart application by disabling two last settings. This way you will get rid of two checkout steps and make the checkout process very fast and simple. But be aware if these steps are hidden the first active methods will be used for the placed order.

Checkout settings in CS-Cart online store website software are very flexible so you can tweak them any way you like.