Lesson 11. CS-Cart Settings — Emails

Before messing with email settings, you will need to check a couple of things in your secure shopping cart. First, visit the administrator list and check whether all administrator emails are true and correct. Then, go to Settings → Company and check if all departments have their own correct emails. By the way you can use more than one email for each department. Just use commas to divide them from each other.

Now you can move to Email settings of your store builder software.

Method of sending e-mails. That’s the main setting. Others are supplementary and are used only when one of the methods is chosen.

Three methods are available: Via an external SMTP server, Via the PHP mail function, and Via Sendmail program. We recommend to use the default PHP mail function method. This method is already set up and ready for work.

In the most cases the Sendmail program is also ready to be used. To configure it, specify the path to the program’s executable file in this field.

Below we provide the instruction to setup the SMTP server method for your electronic commerce software.

First, you need to enter the SMTP host name, if you use gmail, it’s gotta be something like this: smtp.gmail.com: and a number of a port 456. Second, specify the SMTP username, in the most cases this is your gmail address. Third, make up a password for your SMTP server. Forth, Use Encrypted connection. The SMTP server requires SSL connection. And the last one is Use SMTP Authentication. Enable it. Don’t forget to check SSL settings at your server before using SMTP. That’s it about email settings of CS-Cart internet shopping cart system.