Lesson 9. CS-Cart Appearance Settings — Part 3

This is another settings guide this time dedicated to appearance settings of CS-Cart responsive shopping cart. In the third part of the guide we speak about Products list layouts settings, and Common settings.

The first setting is Available product list views. If all three checkboxes are set as active customers are able to choose from three product list designs. Let the customers decide how they want to see the product lists.

The next setting determines which product list view shall be used as a default one.

The third setting has a very long name. Use the selected view for current category or search page only. What does it mean? If this is enabled, customers are allowed to change only the layout of the category or product list page that they are browsing at the moment. Moving to another category or product list page will restore the default layout.

Available product list sortings. There is a great amount of sorting here. Customers use them to sort out products in product lists. Use sortings that suit the store best.

Product list default sorting. The sorting that is used when customers open a category or a product list for the first time.

The last one here is Enable quick view. If the setting is enabled, the Quick view button appears on the product picture when the customer hovers a cursor on it. This feature allows customers to take a closer look at the product without opening a detailed product page.

Now, to the Common settings of your internet shopping cart program. The following settings apply both to the storefront and the administration panel.

The time settings presented here can be adjusted depending on the country where target audience live.

Unsaved changes warning. Enabled setting warns administrators about unsaved changes when they try to leave the page. When the warning message appears administrators can either stay and save changes or leave a page without saving.

Show menu description. Menu descriptions are small grey inscriptions under menu titles. Disable this setting to hide them.

Notice displaying time. By default it takes 5 seconds for the notice to disappear. Enter zero in this field to prevent notices from hiding automatically. They will wait until administrators or customers disable them.

Email templates mode. This setting is related to our new Email templates functionality which allows for deeper customising of store emails and documents. The respectful section can be found at Design → Email templates or Documents of your php shopping cart solution.

And that’s it about appearance settings in CS-Cart php e-commerce software.