Published: Jun 4, 2012 Last updated: Aug 10, 2021 Yan Kulakov

Are you running your own online store? Have you ever thought how much your profits will increase if you set up another one or even the network? Since the ecommerce field places no geographical or physical limits and restrictions that are usually associated with traditional stores, setting up an ecommerce project appears to be a rather easy and quick process that also requires dramatically lower investments. With regard to these obvious advantages, owning several business websites will be definitely a wise decision that may yield significantly higher profits.

multi-store software

Multi-Store software by CS-Cart powered more than 1300 marketplaces worldwide

Do you wish to take advantage of such a strategy? Then you may be wondering where to find a specific ecommerce tool allowing to manage multiple online stores using a single administration platform. is here to offer you the exact solution you're looking for - CS-Cart Ultimate Edition! It features a sophisticated, all-in-one multi-store interface that makes it possible to create, handle and control multiple web stores through a single administration panel.

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CS-Cart Ultimate edition allows to manage multiple web stores through a single administration panel

Ultimate Edition Overview

While using a single back-end, this powerful multi-store solution provides flexibility required to mange products, catalogs, orders, payments, etc. for different online stores as well as to make any necessary configuration changes for every website individually. As for the storefront look and feel, it can be also configured and customized separately: you can create unique design, menus, sitemaps, product inventory for each of your websites.

Generally, our platform is intended to support different online stores hosted on a single physical server. However, if you for any reason wish to have each of your ecommerce websites located on a separate server, yet still access and manage them from one administration panel, contact CS-Cart and our experts will set up this for you.

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CS-Cart fits any multi-store project

From now on, instead of working with multiple separate ecommerce tools and spending a fortune on the license purchase, take advantage of our cutting-edge multi-store shopping cart and enjoy unmatched convenience and flexibility of managing all your web projects from a single reliable location.