Yan Anderson

Head of Content Marketing at CS-Cart

Hello there!

I’m Yan, a seasoned professional in the eCommerce software industry with a rich experience spanning over a decade. Here’s a glimpse into my journey:

  • eCommerce Veteran: With a robust background in the eCommerce software industry, I’ve dedicated 10 years to navigating the dynamic landscape of online business.
  • Expert Writer: I wear the hat of an expert writer, specializing in content marketing, eCommerce technologies, and industry trends. My passion lies in crafting insightful articles that unravel the complexities of eCommerce.
  • YouTube Educator: On YouTube, I share my expertise in running a successful eCommerce business through informative videos. From tips on effective management to staying ahead of industry trends, my channel is a valuable resource for eCommerce enthusiasts.
  • Passionate Simplifier: I’m on a mission to demystify complicated topics. My passion lies in breaking down intricate subjects and presenting them in simple, understandable words for everyone to grasp.
  • Marketplace Maven: Sharing my knowledge on how to start, manage, and grow eCommerce marketplaces, I am the proud author of the CS-Cart’s Marketplace Academy—an online course designed to empower aspiring marketplace entrepreneurs.
  • SEO Guru: As an SEO enthusiast, I specialize in crafting articles that not only captivate readers but also climb the ranks on Google. My expertise lies in creating content that Google loves, consistently securing a spot in the top 10 search results.
  • Prolific Blogger: Over the years, I’ve contributed my insights to the digital realm with more than 500 articles across various blogs. Each piece is a testament to my commitment to sharing valuable information.
  • Webinar Enthusiast: I love engaging with the audience through webinars, providing an interactive platform to educate and discuss the latest eCommerce trends and marketplace strategies.

My licenses and certificates:

I studied at the International Business Management Institute (IBMI) and received three diplomas. Verify on the IBMI website.

In 2021, graduated from the “Become a Product Management” training program:

become a product manager certificate

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