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CS-Cart’s Marketplace Academy: free course on starting and growing a marketplace


We here in CS-Cart have launched a step-by-step course on how to start and grow your eCommerce marketplace. Meet CS-Cart’s Marketplace Academy.

It’s a free self-paced education with weekly lessons, homework, and tests. We created this course based on our 17-year experience in helping businesses start their marketplaces and grow.

What you will learn in the Academy

The Academy has 4 modules:

  • Learn why starting a marketplace is actually a great idea
  • Find out about how to launch your own multi-vendor marketplace
  • Learn how to make your marketplace popular
  • Get familiar with techniques to scale your marketplace

Who the course is for

This is a 100% business education, no technical stuff and code digging:

  • Startuppers with a unique business idea. Have an awesome idea for a marketplace? Great, you only need a strategy, which you’ll get from our education.
  • Online store owners who want to go bigger. Have a working online store and want to scale it with a marketplace? Super, enroll and form your marketplace launch strategy.
  • Experienced entrepreneurs who want to go online. Want to start a large eCommerce project to grow your existing business? Good, our education can guide you.
  • Companies launching a large eCommerce project. Looking for a way to diversify your business? Start a marketplace based on our guides and get your market share.

How you will learn

  • Self-paced course. No deadlines, no pressure. Learn at your comfortable speed.
  • Practical homework. Solidify your knowledge by shaping your actual marketplace strategy.
  • Test in the end of each module. Finalize the module and see your progress.
  • Learn on a real marketplace software. Do your homework in a real marketplace platform demo.

What is this all for?

After completion, you will have a shaped personal strategy
on the marketplace start and growth.