Published: Jun 27, 2012 Last updated: Aug 5, 2021 Yan Kulakov

Today you will hardly find a better way to target global customer audience than launching your own corporate online store. Offering products or services through the Internet has proved to be in many cases much more effective, if compared to traditional offline shops. Therefore, running several online stores may bring a significantly larger profit volume. While many business owners still hesitate to take advantage of this highly beneficial opportunity having a fear of falling down while managing several web stores simultaneously, is here to make it a really easy task.

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Try our powerful and full-featured tool for ecommerce multi-store web projects – CS-Cart Ultimate Edition. It is a robust shopping cart engine allowing to control and handle virtually unlimited number of online stores in a single back-end.

CS-Cart Ultimate Edition

Do you wonder how it works? Let's take a closer look on our CS-Cart Ultimate Edition. Its primary mission is to help you manage several storefronts, product inventory, sales and delivery from a common administration panel. Besides, you get a remarkable opportunity to configure every single store individually, which means that you don't have to get all of your stores connected to each other. Such a model ensures more freedom for you as a store administrator.

Our multiple store platform comes with an extensive range of turnkey options for both general management and separate store administration. For example, you can use a completely different product catalog for every marketplace, yet being still able to share a part of it between stores without any restrictions. Moreover, your shared items may have different prices and descriptions in every particular shop.

Another important advantage is the ability to set geographical locations, where each particular store can be viewed from. Access to your storefronts is typically provided through different domain names or subdomains on the same domain. These and many other innovative ecommerce options and features make CS-Cart Ultimate Edition one of the best multi-store ecommerce solutions for easy building and managing of several web stores.