The development of technology has changed the car market.

If you look back a few years ago, to get an idea of ​​the car, the client had to go somewhere and figure it out on the spot.

Nowadays you can get all the information about the car without leaving home. Aggregators have expanded the direction of their activities. Now they carry out not only sales, but also check used cars for legal purity, and also open service diagnostics sites.

How to start an online car dealership

Online transactions have become much more transparent and popular among customers on online used car shopping sites: the ability to pay by card, via QR code, via the SMS link, which the client receives on the phone. Actually, this is the engine of second-hand car buying websites.

So there are some reasons why car market goes online:

1. Customer’s portrait change. The path that the client takes when choosing and buying a car is very complicated and long. In most of this way, the buyer still spends online and is not in contact with the traditional dealer network. In the offline showroom, customers increasingly come only with the aim of issuing a purchase and sale transaction, having already made a specific choice in advance - which used car and where to purchase - on online used car shopping sites.

At the same time, traditional points of contact for the auto business (visiting an offline auto center, test drive) are rapidly losing their weight and importance.

2. Limitations of the offline model for expansion into the regions. In order to enter the regions in the old offline format, multimillion investments are needed in the construction of auto centers. In this way, the auto business cannot cover all major cities. Moreover, such investments are often non-returnable, i.e. their returns are either very long or never at all.

An alternative option is the e-commerce model of second-hand car buying websites for multiple vendors, which under certain conditions (built-in logistics, high level of customer service, developed IT infrastructure, etc.) has no such limitations.

3. The threat to the existence of the traditional model of the auto business.. Recently, the standard model of the auto business has been changing a lot, thus creating quite a few risks to existing habitual offline models.

For example, the growing demand for autonomous and electric vehicles creates competition in such a business area as car maintenance. The development of car-sharing can lead to a drop in demand for personal transport. Digitalization, including the introduction of online sales by car manufacturers, jeopardizes the preservation of the usual dealer point of sales in its current form.

So nowadays we have successful examples of online used car shopping sites where sellers and buyers are linked. combines features of an online used car marketplace for private customers and an online shopping store for official car dealers. offers more than 1.5 million advertised cars, commercial vehicles, and motorcycles. The company offers the largest range of cars for buying and selling in Germany (according to CAR-Institut). In addition to the German market leader GmbH, GmbH also includes Europe’s largest automotive community, MOTOR-TALK. Both platforms bring about 16.95 million unique users (according to AGOF daily facts, 2018). The Mobile de script unites both private customers and about 42,000 registered car dealers, while MOTOR-TALK has over 2.9 million registered users. Founded in 1996, the company employs 290 people in two locations and is a subsidiary of the eBay ad group. The success of the German online vehicle marketplace makes lots of entrepreneurs look for a Mobile de clone script.

This car rental is built on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor. This is ine of the oldest car marketplaces in the country.

Why CS-Cart is perfect software to create an online used car marketplace

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a turnkey solution for building online used car shopping sites with over 500 eCommerce functions on board. The main features of the CS-Cart Mobile de clone script are:

  • Powerful catalog management
  • Bulk product editing
  • Vendor locations function
  • Customer-to-vendor communication.
  • Call requests.
  • Comments and reviews.
Besides CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is open source and there are tons of ready-made add-ons, so you can scale your new or second-hand car buying websites the way you need it. Here’s what CS-Cart users say about platform functionality and reliability:
CS-Cart is a very affordable ecommerce platform, which can be extended as one sees fit, depending on one's needs, over time. The features that come out of the box are more than enough at the beginning and are very easy for non-specialists to understand, use, and customize. Importing and exporting products, categories, etc is very easy and has been revamped recently, making it even easier. The selection of add-ons is very large. — Konstantinos C. A lot of features with the possibility to configure almost everything, Nice statistics and detailed reports of sales, Ability to Drag and drop layouts and blocks, Front end design and translation, The selection of add-ons is very large. It's easy to upload products and set up your cart to accept payments. We plan to use CS-Cart for other projects as well. I definitely recommend it. — Marian M.
I have evaluated other tools recommended by acquaintances and I have always concluded that cs-cart has everything that I require and especially the stability of a flexible and stable platform. It has tools for the administration of shopping carts, inventory, customers, and suppliers more than enough for the needs of my business. — Marcela G. Fast and intuitive site development. Nice administration interface, clean, and very well organized. Easy customization of every page, based on a scheme of regions, grids, and content blocks. Very very very easy to translate and adapt all the literals of the site. Modern and comprehensible method to personalize all the system emails (new account, order-related emails, ...). Also, the company behind the product has proved itself to be reliable, with a clear development path, and constantly adding new features and keeping the product up to date with the latest technologies and trends. — Marc O.

So if you have enough information on how to start an online car dealership have a look at CS-Cart Mobile de script and try CS-Cart Multi-Vendor free demo.

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