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What is MakeMyTrip clone script?

The active development of digital technologies and online booking system in recent years has changed the global tourism industry. The key trends in the development of the travel service market are the globalization of business and the active development of transnational Internet resources.

The structure and functional significance of tourist service sale channels are changing. There is a convergence of travel service providers (hotels, airlines) and consumers - everyone is trying to get rid of intermediaries, optimize their distribution costs, grow their own loyal customer base.

The classical tour operator business model is steadily turning into a zone of loss, the low profitability of tour operator activities does not allow balancing the risks associated with the overproduction of the tourism product. Many tour operators have completely abandoned the production of wholesale tourism products, giving a way to a few market leaders. Only those who have their own airlines or exclusive conditions for transportation from a backbone carrier partner interested in long-term relations have retained significant positions.

Great changes in relations with tour operators occur in the hotel business. If earlier wholesalers, who took blocks of places, provided the main distribution of most resort hotels, today, hotel reservations for 70-80% go through online aggregators. Hotels, as well as airlines, strongly stimulate the growth of direct sales.

Meta-search engines become global distributors of travel services, some of them are beginning to participate in settlements between customers and suppliers, turning into an online marketplace thanks to a travel script.

Activilla is an eCommerce marketplace, the clone of the famous MakeMyTrip website. It offers mini-trips and other experiences in Moscow, Russia. This MakeMyTrip clone is built on the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor marketplace script.

Why use online reservation script to built your own MakeMyTrip clone?

MakeMyTrip is a great example of a reservation script. This is an Indian online booking script for hotels, flights, etc. and one of the leading international reservation websites.

MakeMyTrip clone script makes the system regularly offer various discounts and promotional codes that reduce the cost of booking.

The main idea of ​​MakeMyTrip is to improve the opportunities of travelers. The company does not stop there, constantly developing, improving the quality of its services and expanding their geography. All this ensures a constant growth of clientele.

The admin of MakeMyTrip or its clone manages an online booking system. The admin has total control over the vacation rental script. From accepting the requests from vendors to setting up commission rates, and deciding the minimum facilities that vendors must possess to list their resources on the online platform.

The vendors have great advantages too when it comes to listing their resources on the vacation booking marketplace script. They get their dedicated shop page and choose from allowed payment methods and more.

Despite the presence of various multi-billion dollar companies in the online booking industry, there still remains a great opportunity to jump at. Your chance lies in launching a booking website with CS-Cart MakeMyTrip clone script.

A restaurant reservation website based on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor script. It's not a direct MakeMyTrip clone but it uses a similar business model—reservation.

Why CS-Cart Multi-Vendor MakeMyTrip clone script is a great solution for a travel marketplace with an online booking system

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a php vacation rental script. It has all the functions you may need such as:
  • Vendor locations function.
  • Booking reservation system.
  • Customer-to-vendor communication.
  • Call requests.
  • Vendor subscription plans.
  • Comments and reviews.
Besides CS-Cart rental marketplace script has a perfect price/functionality ratio, which means you can quickly launch a fully functioning MakeMyTrip clone marketplace without spending a lot of money. CS-Cart Multi-Vendor script is a perfect solution to test MVP.

CS-Cart vacation rental script is open source and there are tons of ready-made add-ons, so you can scale your travel marketplace how you need it.

Bali Holiday Villa is a vacation reservation website based on CS-Cart. They offer villas in Bali.

You will get 90 days of free technical support and you'll be able to get assistance any time after these initial 90 days. Our support team will help you set up your online booking system, maintain, and upgrade it.

So if you have enough information on how to launch a multi-sided travel website—a MakeMyTrip clone—with a rental marketplace script have a look at CS-Cart online reservation software and try CS-Cart Multi-Vendor free demo. And if you still can't make a decision after testing the demo, just take a look at real CS-Cart user reviews on
We are using CS-Cart since 2011. Before we used eCommerce but found that CS-Cart is easier to use. CS-Cart is easy to install, configure, and support. All the necessary info to configure the store we found in the documentation. Support is good but sometimes takes longer to get answers. Basically, it covers all your needs. If something does not come out of the box, there are plenty of add-ons available on the market. We like the admin interface to manage orders, products. Store front end has many different skins and themes that can apply. Overall we are happy with the product. — Michael K. We are using cs-cart for more than 5 years, for our company store cs-cart has made a big difference, much better SEO, user-friendly storefront, the clean look and the speed of the website has had a very good impact on our end user. Our website grew with the help of cs-cart, and we consider that cs-cart is the best e-commerce solution on the market. Talmacel I.
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on the international eCommerce software market

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is an average user rating according to independent review resources such as Capterra and G2Crowd

The way to create your own marketplace using MakeMyTrip Clone Script

High Customizability

High Customizability

CS-Cart Clone Script features open source code, which means you have endless possibilities in adapting our marketplace script to your business model. But in the beginning you won’t even need to touch the code: change the look and feel of your marketplace via the built-in layout and theme editors, construct a perfect checkout right on the storefront, and expand functionality via add-ons.

Powerful Vendor Management Tools

Powerful Vendor Management Tools

Vendors are the driving force of your marketplace. MakeMyTrip Clone script offers a set of tools to effectively control them: offer vendors a micro-store and a fully-featured backend panel, set up automatic money distribution, motivate your vendors to pay you in time by blocking backend panels, control vendor privileges and payouts via vendor plans.

eCommerce Software You Truly Own

eCommerce Software You Truly Own

You purchase CS-Cart Clone script once and it stays with you forever. No monthly payments, no obligatory fees. It’s yours. And it’s very well supported—we release new versions almost every month, adding new features and enhancing security and performance. And you’ll be getting updates for free during your first year. Official tech support is also included.

What kind of an eCommerce marketplace
are you going to start?

Product marketplace

Product marketplace

Service marketplace

Service marketplace

Rental marketplace

Rental marketplace

Create your perfect marketplace now

Open your own MakeMyTrip-like marketplace on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Clone script

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Vendor Management

Vendor micro-store with its own design: give your vendors access to a fully-featured micro-store with a storefront and an ability to modify the design.

Customizable vendor panel: every vendor has their own backend panel, and you are free to enable and disable its menus and settings. It’s up to you what vendors will be able to do in their backend panels.

Vendor plans: set a monthly fee for selling on your marketplace. You can offer your vendors multiple plans with different conditions and privileges.

Vendor Management
Check icon
Vendor debt payout: if a vendor didn’t pay for the plan in time, you are free to block the vendor panel until you get your money. Vendors pay their debts through the marketplace checkout.
Check icon
Advanced vendor payout system: Marketplace clone script allows you to go either with automatic or manual vendor payouts. If you choose manual payouts, use the vendor accounting feature to record each payout.
Check icon
Vendor locations: display your vendors on the map and allow your customers to see the nearby vendors with the distance from the customer’s exact location. Create product filters based on your vendors’ location and improve your customers’ experience making them return to your marketplace again and again. This is a must for a service and booking marketplace.

Responsive Design

Responsive storefront and admin panel: admin panel, vendor panel, and the storefront are all responsive and convenient to use on any screen.

Mobile application for iOS and Android: Multi-Vendor Plus and Ultimate have a mobile app, which gives your customers extra convenience and improves their shopping experience.

Responsive Design

Global eCommerce

Multiple languages and currencies: CS-Cart MakeMyTrip clone script features 26 built-in translations and supports multiple currencies.

70+ built-in payment services: it doesn’t matter where your customers and vendors are from—you can offer them the best way to pay for products and services and process transactions.

8 world’s biggest carriers: offer worldwide delivery via 8 biggest delivery services such as USPS, DHL, FedEx, UPS, and others.

Global eCommerce

Convenient Money Distribution

Automatic payouts: set up automatic payment distribution among your vendors and forget about manual operations.

Manual payouts: take full control over the money flow in your marketplace—record payouts on the accounting page and pay out to your vendors manually.

Vendor debt payout: your vendors can pay debts directly through the marketplace checkout. This is a great tool to motivate vendors to pay you in time—you can simply block the vendor panel until you get your money.

Convenient Money Distribution

Powerful Catalog Tools

45+ product parameters: each product has over 45 configurable properties, multiple images, features, and options. And you can create and setup products manually or import thousands of products via the import/export tool in no time.

Super customizable product variations: a product can have different product features and you can generate the product variations from the features. Product variations are managed as normal products and can be found in the catalog through search.

Powerful Catalog Tools
Check icon
Flexible and fast product import: add, delete, and update thousands of products in a couple of clicks and minutes. You and your vendors can create import templates for every supplier by simply matching the fields. Once you create a template, use it to quickly import products from the same supplier in the future.
Check icon
Common products for vendors: create a common product base and allow your vendors to only sell these products. By sharing the product base among vendors, you will avoid duplicate catalog items and keep product pages nice, clean, and uniform.
Check icon
Product approval: check if a vendor’s products meet your requirements before they appear on the storefront.

Marketing Kit

One-step customizable checkout: you can construct a perfect, converting checkout page right from the storefront, and customers will appreciate how it’s easy and fast to place orders on your marketplace.

Flexible promotions builder: create promotions with different conditions and bonuses. You’ll be surprised how flexible the promotion builder is.

Vendor’s promotions: vendors can create their own promotions as well. Plus, you can give your vendors extra freedom—enable them to use their own payment methods.

Loyalty program: reward your customers with bonus points so that they return and spend these points on new purchases.

Abandoned carts: track abandoned carts and send reminders via email.

Check icon
Cross-selling and upselling: increase the average bill by offering complementary products or more expensive products.
Check icon
Powerful SEO tools: make Google love your marketplace—enable human readable URLs, write meta descriptions, titles, and keywords, create Google rich snippets, Canonical URLs, and 301 redirects.
Check icon
Built-in blog: create a fully-functional blog inside your marketplace and post company news, product announcements, videos, or educatory content. Google will love you for that.
Check icon
Comments and reviews: motivate your vendors to keep high level of their service and high quality of their products by allowing the customers to rate vendors and leave feedback.
Check icon
Category commissions: set individual commission rates for certain categories. For example, decrease commissions for a low-margin product category to attract more vendors who sell this kind of products.

CS-Cart MakeMyTrip Clone Script Rating

Our MakeMyTrip Clone Script is highly-rated software for marketplaces. It has an average rating of 4.75 out of 5 stars on the most popular user review platforms in the software industry: SourceForge, Capterra, G2, TrustPilot, and others.

Why build your marketplace on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor clone script?

Over 1,300 virtual malls work on our MakeMyTrip clone script and some of them are damn huge


ShopClues is one of the largest online marketplaces in the world. It has millions of products, multiple mentions in mass media, and a bunch of awards.

1 000
500 000
50 000 000
30 000
ShopClues is an full-line online marketplace for Iraq and the Middle East. Mohammed Abdulfattah, Managing Director of “Our aim is to help sellers in Iraq and the Middle East step in to online.”

200 000
products, still growing
big categories, still growing
4 countries
eTaif has stores in

DentaCarts is an online marketplace of dental products in Egypt. Saad Saleh, the co-founder, runs DentaCarts with his partner Ahmed Yahia and a full-time team of customer care and sales specialists. Their big goal is to give dentists access to only genuine, innovative dental products.

5 500
products and still growing
3 500
orders during the first year
2 300
loyal customers

Over 100 positive user reviews on Capterra, FinancesOnline, SoftwareSuggest, and G2Crowd

Eric B.

Eric B.

It is my go to e-Commerce platform I recommend to anyone needing a simple, but completely customizable online store. It is incredibly easy to set up, and offers so much customizability out of the box that it is easy to make it unique and professional-looking, on a non-recurring cost model.

Masha S.

Masha S.

It is very agile, robust, secure, and intuitive for new members. CS-Cart team keeps on top of all the latest developments and therefore this solution is very powerful, even just out of the box.

Anonymous customer

Nouri A.

CS-Cart gives the best and fast customer support and you will never feel like they are helping you remotely. If you want to start your own e-commerce business where you want your seller to have their personal dashboard with full features, CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is the best product. Nothing can beat it. Very satisfying.

Anonymous customer

Osama A.

The market is full with the e-shopping platforms, but no one is supporting the Multi-Vendor platform as CS-Cart. It is easy to use and to build without any professional help. It was built from scratch to support multiple vendors, not like other e-commerce services where you have the multi-vendor as an add-ons feature.