Amazon holds the position of the main global marketplace. At the same time, the founder and CEO of the company, Jeff Bezos, believes that there is nothing special about his retail marketplace model idea - he just made customer interests his priority, that’s all.

Customers want low prices, fast delivery, and a wide selection - this became the basis of the company's strategy. According to Bezos, this approach will remain unchanged in the future.

An Amazon customer can get everything they need without leaving the system, and all brand products are interconnected.

It was at Amazon that they invented an automatic check out form and the “one-click” purchase. They also allowed customers to leave comments under the goods - both positive and negative. The option of personalized recommendations based on previous purchases or views is also an offspring of Amazon.

Everybody who wants to know how to make Amazon should know that every innovation Amazon creates is for customer’s comfort.

So how to build an e-commerce website like Amazon?

First of all, let’s state what a retail marketplace model is and how it functions.

The marketplace is an online platform that connects sellers and buyers, allowing them to make deals through it. The site of the marketplace contains information about the goods or services provided by sellers, and buyers have the opportunity to make an order.

In other words, the marketplace business model involves the sale of goods and services that do not belong to the site owner. At the same time, the owner of the marketplace provides traffic and marketing support to increase sales of companies that have placed information about their products in the catalog.

If you look for information on how to build an ecommerce website like Amazon you are likely to wonder how to get profit from your online business. Monetization usually occurs at the expense of the commission for the transaction, if the platform gives the technical possibility of processing and paying for the order.

Amazon provides a huge amount of functionality to its customers and sellers. It helps sellers to increase the revenue while the customers get benefits in terms of deals, offers, returns.

If you wonder how to make a website like Amazon, it is important to find the software that functions properly. Besides, it won’t do without some features:

  • Powerful catalog management. It allows creating an unlimited number of product features, filters, options, product variations, and product categories. Your vendors can do all this as well if you create a website like Amazon. With trusted marketplace software you can fill the catalog manually or use a flexible mass product import.
  • Bulk product editing. Thanks to this feature you can edit various product parameters in bulk for hundreds or thousands of items listed in your marketplace in a few mouse clicks.
  • Stock control and low stock notifications. It’s really important to track the exact number of items in stock.
  • Datafeeds. You can get extra customers from shopping directories such as Google Shopping and ShopZilla by uploading custom product feeds from your marketplace.
  • Shipping methods. The more - the better. Your marketplace should be integrated with major shipping carriers.
  • Cross-selling and upselling. You can increase the average bill with this feature. It allows displaying product suggestions on any page of your marketplace.

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