Lesson 1. How to Install CS-Cart Shopping Cart Software

The installation is where every software’s journey begins. The same goes for CS-Cart ecommerce software. CS-Cart has one of the simplest installation processes among other ecommerce systems. It actually takes five simple steps to install CS-Cart.

First, you need to download CS-Cart. CS-Cart is purchased via the official CS-Cart website and after the purchase you will be reditrected to the download page of the Shopping Cart Software section. We care for the your safety so we provide download links in emails send straight to you. Use the links to receive the package.

Second, choose a webhosting for your e-commerce web application.We recommend to read reviews in the Internet, descriptions on the official websites, and choose a web hosting that suits your needs. The steps are similar for all hosts. Just follow the instructions on the screen. To get to the hosting control panel you’ll need the Control Panel URL.The address is provided in the corresponding email. The Control Panel is the place where you manage the insides of your internet store software.

Third, create a database via PHPMyAdmin panel. If you are not sure what to do, use the wizard to make it simple. Just remember that you will need two attributes to make database work correctly with CS-Cart — the database itself, and the user the database attached to. Fourth, upload CS-Cart web store shopping cart to the server. Use the File Manager section for this operation. Select the directory for the File Manager to upload CS-Cart to. After uploading the archive you need to extract it. It is best to extract CS-Cart to the public_html directory. That’s where CS-Cart will be installed after all.

Fifth, install CS-Cart e-store software. Open the store’s URL in a browser and click the Install link. Check the installation data and install CS-Cart. After that set up the licensing mode. Enter your license number to enable the Full mode. To make sure that everything is okay run the Settings wizard or just click the admin panel and investigate the store by yourself. As you can see the CS-Cart installation is a simple and fast procedure.