Lesson 2. How to Install New CS-Cart Add-ons

The flexibility add-ons provide is unmatchable. That’s why it is important to have a pack of add-ons installed in your CS-Cart all-in-one ecommerce solution. In CS-Cart add-ons are located in Add-ons → Manage Add-ons. This page contains two tabs: Installed Add-ons and Browse all available add-ons. On the first tab only installed add-ons are presented. On the second tab all add-ons available by default that comes inside the CS-Cart package. The add-ons page is used to install, uninstall, activate, deactivate, search, and configure add-ons if possible.

Some add-ons are presented in CS-Cart by default but in uninstalled condition. As it was already mentioned they can be found on the second tab. To make them live you need only click the Install button. After that the add-on will be installed and activated. Also it will appear on the first tab.

But complete ecommerce software wouldn’t be complete without its own Marketplace. By using the Marketplace link we can get an access to the CS-Cart marketplace. Here all sorts of add-ons are available. Products and orders management, SEO, user interface features, etc. Everything that might come in handy for your online shopping cart application. The separate pages provide all information about chosen add-ons including general description, compatibility, and available localisations. There are also might be some reviews written by customers. The thing that you need to keep in mind though that add-ons are only presented on the marketplace, and the purchase itself processed on the developer’s website.

After all business procedures happy customers receive archives that need to be uploaded to CS-Cart. Upload, installation, and activation happen at one and the same time. So there is no hassle with clicking multiple buttons to make it work.

And that’s how you install add-ons for web store shopping cart.