Digital products is one of the most attractive niches in e-commerce since such products are cheap, easy to manufacture and do not need warehouses and delivery. And if you ever thought about launching an online platform then this is the perfect article to start. You will learn everything about how to create your own game website: what it is, how to create and promote it.

A few tips on how to make a game website

Marketplace is not a single store, but a platform where several vendors can sell goods and services to customers.

To increase the chances of success, it is better to create a marketplace that sells specialized goods, digital products for example if you are going to create your own game website. So you will stand out against the background of market leaders and will be able to better study your target audience, therefore, it will allow you to use more effective ways of promotion. That's how Amazon started. In the first two years after launch (1995 - 1998), the site sold books, then music CDs and video products were added to the product range, and after some time, electronics, video games, furniture, clothing, and foodstuffs were.

The experience of popular marketplaces shows that you need to launch the site immediately after creating an MVP. Only three things should be well worked out in your Game clone script:

  • protecting products from unauthorized access;
  • personal and billing security;
  • security of financial settlements.
Unlike retail online shopping sites, the Game website source code implies two sides: suppliers and customers. This means that after launching the multi-vendor website you have to solve the “chicken and egg” dilemma - how to get customers with a small offer and how to get an offer with a small number of customers.

As Angela Tran Kingyens and Boris Wertz explain in “A Guide to Marketplaces”, suppliers usually have several more incentives to enter a new market than customers, because sellers do not lose anything from this, but only create an opportunity to get more profit.

So when you create your own game website it is better to start with the suppliers.

When you find the first vendors, give them a large amount of your attention and time to explain how your project stands out from the competitors. Offer unique terms of cooperation and help with registration and filling out a profile.

Thinking about how to make a game website use the experience of successful marketplaces. Let’s have a look at how attracts vendors and customers to their online platform. Some of their offers:

  1. There are no fees for listing, set-up, or subscriptions. Sellers can ship their products with confidence as all customers go through a fraud check process when purchasing. Setting up is simple as most products match up to GAME’s own catalog, and even easier if you use a supported 3rd party aggregator.
  2. Game website source code provide seamless website integration: sellers are completely integrated onto and become a part of GAME’s online offering.
  3. A huge Audience: has over 1.7 million unique visitors (from gamer’s to gifter’s) each week with over 10 million individual page views.
  4. Free promotional marketing: they offer the opportunity to be included on the website, external marketing, and social media channels too.
  5. Quick set-up: on-boarding is quick and simple – register interest, answer a few questions and they will organize a call to guide you through the rest. There have seen sellers set up and selling on the same day.
  6. Support from real people: most importantly they have a dedicated team of real people here to support you at all times. Their personal approach to supporting the GAME Marketplace sellers is something to be proud of. And it is really important when you think of how to make a game website.
Another thing to be necessary for a Game clone script is Payment service providers (PSP). They are third-party financial services that specialize in creating and integrating payment infrastructure into various web platforms. On the Internet, such companies are commonly called “payment gateways”, “payment processors” and “merchant services”. To create your own game website, you need to choose a payment service provider based on the following criteria:

  • it offers a solution that is oriented to trading platforms;
  • works worldwide (at least in 10 countries on 2 continents);
  • unlikely to go bankrupt in the next 12 months.
Stripe Connect and PayPal are the most popular ones for a Game website source code.

ModelPlusModel is an eCommerce website offering 3D model of different objects like furniture, lighting, and others to use them in games and other 3D applications. This webstore is built on CS-Cart.

Why you should try CS-Cart Multi-Vendor as a reliable Game clone script

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor has over 500 eCommerce functions on board: SEO tools, promotions, reward points and other marketing tools, functions for vendors, reports and analytics, and more. But if we specify the functions for selling digital products like games only they are:

  • Powerful catalog management
  • Bulk product editing
  • Stock control and low stock notifications
  • Datafeeds
  • Downloadable products
  • Cross-selling and upselling
Besides CS-Cart Game clone script has a perfect price/functionality ratio, which means you can quickly launch a fully functioning booking marketplace without spending a lot of money and test MVP.

Among other reasons to use CS-Cart Multi-Vendor to make a marketplace for digital products are the platform's convenience, powerful eCommerce tools for vendors, and the ease of use. You can read for yourself what real CS-Cart Multi-Vendor users think about our platform:

Most of the market place listing can be made from single point. Inventory managed from single point. Commission calculation can be made from Single point. Integrations with various shipping partners act as an add-on service.— Anirudh S.. Easy to set up with many helpful video tutorials available; Free support during the first 3 months were very good and, most of the time, quick to respond; A great range of features available to enhance the customer experience. Very good overall experience. Definitely, the best option for a marketplace platform compared to other players in the market. — Karen C..

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