, founded in 2009, is one of the largest freelance sites today. For many years, literally millions of users managed to register on it. This service will help any company, large and small, to carry out a project for quite moderate money.

Matt Barrie, the founder of the popular peer-to-peer freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace, created the platform when he had a first-hand experience at how fast and convenient it was to hire a freelancer online. He needed to get some data entry done and he’d been asking around for help but couldn’t find anyone to do the job. Even a university student for $2000 didn’t want to do it. So Matt checked online and found GetAFreelancer where he posted a project and hired a freelancer. In a couple of days, he received lots of bids. The data entry that he’d been trying to get done for months was completed by a freelancer in just a few days.

Matt realized that the next big thing was to build an eBay for jobs and services. And that’s exactly what is.

If you want to build a website like Freelancer pay attention to some important points.

How to make a website like Freelancer

First of all, let’s state how Freelancer-like sites work.

An employer posts a project, freelancers make their bids. After that, an employer can review the profile, reputation, portfolio, etc of each bidder and award the job to the best freelancer. He can also chat with the freelancers in real-time through the instant messaging system, they can discuss the payments and deadline, any details of the project.

For a freelancer, it is needed to be registered on the site and complete the profile. After that, a freelancer can start browsing through jobs – and there are thousands of jobs to choose from. Once they see a job they like, the next step is to place a bid. If the bid suits the employer, they will hire this bidder, and the freelancer will be prompted to accept the project.

Once a freelancer has accepted the project, he/she should start working on it. The better the freelancer does the job - the more valuable feedback he will get from the employer. This feedback will help the freelancer get more jobs in the future thanks to his high scores in ratings.

So the solution for a Freelancer alternative needs to provide the following features:

  • Customer-to-vendor communication
  • Call requests
  • Comments and reviews
  • A mobile app

Why choose CS-Cart clone script

How to create a platform like Freelancer? You should try CS-Cart Multi-Vendor as standalone e-commerce software that allows you to create an online platform like Freelancer. In CS-Cart Freelancer script, freelancers can offer their skills through a single storefront.

It ships with a pre-build mobile application for iOS and Android.

In CS-Cart clone script freelancers can chat with employers or request calls.

Employers can leave feedback on the quality of the project fulfilled.

You pay only once for CS-Cart Multi-Vendor license. If you change your mind within 1 month after the purchase we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. So it is a perfect opportunity to test MVP without spending lots of money if you want to build a website like Freelancer.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor scores 92 points out of 100 in the Google PageSpeed test, which is Google’s green zone.

Also when you buy CS-Cart Multi-Vendor, you get 3 months of free premium technical support. The CS-Cart support team is ready to help you with any problem when you build a website like Freelancer with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor.

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