Fiverr Clone Script

Fiverr appeared in 2010. It was founded by two partners in Tel Aviv, Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger. The idea of ​​the Fiverr php script was simple: to create a platform where people would be able to buy digital services, while professionals would sell them. Entrepreneurs targeted at freelancers. The site was meant to become a place to sell their skills.

Wow-factor of the Fiverr software which attracted the attention of customers and the press was the price. All services offered to sell from $ 5. In other words, it was possible to order a logo for $ 5, or a consultation for the same $ 5. This price is available to all users around the world. The specified price tag - starting designation: the implementation of complex services can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars.

A low price tag fulfilled its task: there are hundreds of thousands of profesionals and millions of customers at the site.

Fiverr has become a classic startup. During its existence, the company passed from the first seed-round to a startup from an angel investor - to round E, after which it spent a year preparing for entering the stock exchange and successfully entered an IPO. So how to create a website like Fiverr?

CS-Cart Marketplace is an app marketplace that besides add-ons and themes for CS-Cart Multi-Vendor offers development services. Third-party developers are registered on the marketplace and can offer their services.

Why people like Fiverr features that make it successful:

  • Low cost and a wide variety of services. $ 5 - the amount you don’t mind to lose.
  • The fixed cost of services makes it easy to compare them with each other. For example, one freelancer for $ 5 will post 1500 links, another 1200, and the third - only 500. Immediately noticeable, whose offer is more profitable.
  • Easy payment procedure of the Fiverr php script - in just three clicks.
  • Statistics of proposals and performers. Next to each offer there is the time of its publication, the number of good and bad reviews about the freelancer.
  • System of reviews and ratings: any customer can leave feedback, comment on a freelancer and evaluate him.
  • The system of filters (by rating, popularity, etc.), facilitating navigation through the ​​offers not only for beginners but also for experienced customers.

Fiverr software by CS-Cart

There are a lot of offers to make Fiverr -like sites but how to find your way in the ocean? First of all, think about the functionality apps like Fiverr need and the reputation of the developer.

If you need a powerful Fiverr clone script from a trustful company we suggest you try CS-Cart Multi-Vendor.

The CS-Cart Multi-Vendor platform has over 500 functions on board: SEO tools, promotions, reward points, and other marketing tools, functions for vendors, reports and analytics, and more.

It provides all the features a Fiverr php script must have to function properly:

  • over 70 built-in payment methods
  • comments, reviews, and ratings
  • a mobile application
  • open-source code
  • several updates and releases a year
CS-Cart Multi-Vendor has an open-source code: it allows you to customize your Fiverr software and create new add-ons.

CS-Cart Fiverr clone script has the richest documentation and video tutorials.

When you buy CS-Cart Multi-Vendor, you get 3 months of free premium technical support.

To start with it is better to try CS-Cart Multi-Vendor free demo. You can test its 500+ features absolutely free for 15 days.

What our customers say about CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

I had been looking for a solution for my store for a very long time, and when I saw and became better acquainted with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor, I immediately bought it without thinking. The absolutely finished product. I just paid for CS-Cart Multi-Vendor and got a ready-made platform! I just need to connect payment systems and start working. Convenient control from the panel, now I do not need to search, wait, and ask the programmer to fix something. I can do everything myself! Friendly support. There is a forum where you can discuss some issues and find solutions for improvement.Ruslan K.

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