People love visual content. That’s why Instagram, YouTube, and other startups have become so popular and grown so big. Moreover, making visual content today has become so easy, that anyone can shoot awesome photos and videos and upload them to the Internet on the go via mobile devices.

Entrepreneurs see this tendency and the perspectives of visual content for a business. That’s why more and more online businesses start using videos and beautiful creative photos on their websites. But some businessmen go further and make photography the very base of their eCommerce companies. This is how Fancy was born.

In the beginning, Fancy was an invitation-based social photo sharing website. It was not available for the public and it only contained photo ideas shared by users. Then, they integrated an eCommerce part to their website. People still can share photos, plus they can buy things on photos right on Fancy. The company also developed a Fancy shopping app to allow users to shop on the go.

Since then, fancy like websites pop up here and there. This social photo sharing marketplace model became so popular that online businessmen started searching for a reliable fancy clone script to build an ecommerce mall that will be able to compete with Fancy. How to build websites like Fancy? What is Fancy app? How much does it cost to open a Fancy-like site? In this article, we’ll try to answer all these questions.

What is Fancy anyway and how does fancy shopping app work?

Basically, Fancy is an online marketplace like eBay, Amazon, and similar. The main difference is that Fancy appeals to customers through the visual content—photos. Beautiful photos are the driving feature of fancy like websites. Some of the things shown on photos are available for purchase right on the website.

The Fancy mobile application is connected to the main website and synchronizes data with it. This allows users to shop from their smartphones on the go

So, in a few words, Fancy is an ecommerce mall that stakes on beautiful visual content and unique goods.

What do you need to build fancy like websites with a fancy shopping app?

A marketplace software solution is the very base of your online mall. The platform really matters—your marketing, SEO, and customer shopping experience depends on the quality of the software dramatically.

To build a successful multi vendor website like Fancy, you’ll need a professional feature rich fancy clone script. You have two options here:

  • To launch a website on a SaaS solution. This is a perfect option if you plan to open a small website with only basic functionality for ecommerce. SaaS allows you to launch a site very fast and it also offers hosting services. But unfortunately, you probably won’t be able to scale your website or develop a fancy shopping app that will perfectly suit your business. You will also pay monthly for using the cloud.
  • To start a marketplace on a self-hosted software. This is your case. Self-hosted solution is stored on your own server: you will have full control over your marketplace and you will be free to modify its code and make a perfect application that will be synchronized with your main site. Moreover, you will only pay once for the license—no recurring payments.
CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is one of the most reliable self-hosted ecommerce marketplace solutions as of today. It not only has super rich catalog management tools (multiple product images, product variations with unique images) but it also ships with a pre-built mobile application for iOS and Android devices.

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