Online sales are becoming an important source of income for millions of people. To simplify the task for everyone who wants to work in this area, a sufficient number of e-commerce platforms have been created. Such sites greatly facilitate the work of online sellers, providing them with a quality interface, a huge flow of customers, as well as consultation and support in the early stages of online business.

Despite this approach, the existing platforms did not cover all the niches in the market. First of all, those who sold popular products were able to acquire their own online store, while some types of products still remained in the shadows. The latter category for a long time belonged to the products created with their own hands.

Everything changed with the advent of Etsy. This is an e-commerce platform designed specifically to help creative people sell their own products. Most of the merchants present at Etsy are handmakers who are desperate to find a way to market their own products on other resources, and here they have at their disposal a convenient tool for starting a business. is an Etsy-like eCommerce marketplace built on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Etsy Clone Script. The website is based in Germany and offers local crafters to sell their unique products on the marketplace.

At the moment, more than 800 thousand online stores, as well as 15 million types of products are represented on the platform. The site is so popular that you can find a huge number of stories about how people who have lost their jobs, but who know how to create something with their own hands, have acquired the meaning of life and stable earnings thanks to Etsy.

The idea of ​​the project belongs to the photographer and artist Rob Kalin, who in 2005 thought that there was no convenient site on the market for selling things made with his own hands.

So how to start a website like Etsy? First, let's see how it functions.

How does Etsy script work?

Initially, the site was conceived as an independent indie platform made by creative people for other artists, but in the process of development, Etsy gradually began to lose this feature. The first two years the project developed rather slowly, in addition, the team had to put a lot of effort into making the platform as user-friendly as possible.

A model of monetization of the project was also developed. Etsy charges $ 0.20 per item. The term of placement on the product website is four months, after which you need to pay again. Each merchant also pays a commission of 3.5% from each sale. The money is not withdrawn at each transaction but is summed up within a month, after which the merchant receives an invoice. Also, for an extra fee, the company offers advertising and promotion to any of its merchants. The cost of this service depends on the immensity of the promotion the client is going to have for their goods.

A vendor management interface in CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Etsy clone script. Here, the admin can see and edit all vendor's data.

It is worth noting that hand-made goods are not the only type of products available on the site, the opportunity to trade in vintage items has become another important development of the project. However, in order for the product to be considered vintage, it must be over 20 years old.

The success of the Etsy platform makes a lot of entrepreneurs look for an Etsy clone script and think about how to create a site like Etsy.

How to build a website like Etsy with CS-Cart Etsy clone software?

First of all, you need to distinguish some important points before you build your Etsy clone script:

  • what is the unique value of your web marketplace, check if your idea fits the market,
  • your business model because everything from user experience policies and commission model, to the overall Etsy-like platform functionality and tools, are based on it,
  • test the initial Etsy script version with early adopters and get the feedback for further development,
  • think about customer support, boosting of the repeat purchases, new tools, and functionality your Etsy clone software might need in the nearest future.
All the points on the way to Etsy-like website are quite easy with the right software.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor marketplace software provides the user with all the features an Etsy clone script needs to function perfectly and even better:
  • Powerful catalog management
  • Bulk product editing
  • Stock control and low stock notifications
  • Datafeeds
  • Shipping methods
  • Cross-selling and upselling
  • Promotion tools
  • Mobile app (comes with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Plus or Ultimate.)
So if you search for Etsy php script you should try CS-Cart Multi-Vendor free demo as the perfect solution to test your business idea. It is available for 15 days and has all the features of the full-pack solution. Start with testing these features:
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