Nowadays we are witnesses of a great e-commerce boom. Online stores with independent vendors welcome billions of people every day. Retail marketplace examples like eBay and others keep showing incredible growth during the last years. More and more retailers go online because there are still a lot of unoccupied niches. No wonder that thousands of people are eager to learn how to make a website like eBay.

What makes eBay successful?

eBay is a retail marketplace model that provides a huge amount of functionality to its customers and sellers. It helps sellers to increase the revenue while the customers get benefits in terms of deals, offers, returns. When selling physical products online, it is important that the software functions properly. Retail marketplace script allows independent sellers to offer an unlimited number of SKU in various product categories that the marketplace owner has created. They can promote their goods, create various product features and variations. And the customers can easily find all they need right in the marketplace avoiding google search. They feel safe when buying online and appreciate the product range and quality, popular shipping and payment methods. As for the marketplace owner - the online store with multiple sellers should be easy to manage thanks to SEO tools, analytics reports, friendly admin panel. How to create a website like eBay?

Why CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is the perfect solution for a website like eBay

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor marketplace software provides all the features an eBay clone script needs to function perfectly. The CS-Cart Multi-Vendor platform has over 500 functions on board: SEO tools, promotions, reward points, and other marketing tools, functions for vendors, reports, and analytics, and more. If a retail marketplace model attracts you, you’ ll have to take into consideration some specific functions for selling physical products that CS-Cart Multi-Vendor has all. You will need:

  • Powerful catalog management to create an unlimited number of product features, filters, options, product variations, and product categories. Your vendors can do all this as well. Fill the catalog manually or use a flexible mass product import.
  • Bulk product editing to edit 45 product parameters in bulk for hundreds or thousands of products listed in your marketplace in a few mouse clicks.
  • Stock control and low stock notifications to track the exact number of items in stock.
  • Datafeeds to get extra customers from shopping directories such as Google Shopping and ShopZilla by uploading custom product feeds from your marketplace.
  • Shipping methods to integrate with major shipping carriers with dozens of shipping options for each or add more shipping methods and functions via third-party add-ons.
  • Cross-selling and upselling to increase the average bill. You can display product suggestions on any page of your marketplace.
  • So if you are in search of eBay clone script it’s high time to try CS-Cart Multi-Vendor free demo to be sure that it has all the functionality to conquer eBay.

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