Lesson 18. CS-Cart Design — Menus. Part 2

So, in the previous video we explained what menus consist of in CS-Cart ecommerce shopping cart program. Now it is time to present it on a storefront of the online shop system.

To display a menu on the storefront you will need to create a block of the Menu type. It is done through Layouts. We create a special block with a Menu type. The content of this block is our menu. You can also specify a wrapper for the block and a CSS-class if needed. All this can be used to highlight the menu on a storefront.

Now we can enjoy our new menu on a storefront of the shopping cart website builder.

But there is more to it. Dynamic menus. How do you create them and add to the storefront? Actually it is very easy to do. Due to their nature, they already packed into a block, so just go to Layouts and add a block with the Category trees type. That’s it. The dynamic menu is on the storefront now.

That’s it about menus in CS-Cart web store platform.