Lesson 17. CS-Cart Design — Menus. Part 1

Menus are found at Design → Menus of CS-Cart ecommerce software design. They help to organize different types of content displayed on pages into short consistent lists. By using menus an owner can provide lots of useful information without occupying too much space on a storefront.

There are two types of menus in CS-Cart online business shopping cart—manually created and dynamic.

Manually created menus use the content that was added manually by a user of the e-commerce package. For example Internal and external links in the Quick links menu. Dynamic menus use the content of the store. For example, Category tree for the Categories menu.

Creating a menu manually is a simple process that doesn’t require any special knowledge in the field of online shopping program. It actually takes three steps to create a menu — add a menu; fill it with items; specify item settings. You can also include submenus into an item for better navigation among store pages. And now we have the menu that is ready to be presented on the storefront.

That’s it about general properties of menus in CS-Cart ecommerce shop solution.