It is very easy to make purchases over the Internet and receive them at the post office or right at home, therefore, online platforms for selling goods attract more and more customers every year.

Aliexpress marketplace appeared in 2010. It was designed for small wholesale dealers who could trade and retail. And also export the goods. Two years after the launch, the company already had more than 800 thousand users.

The suppliers who use the platform are small or medium-sized Chinese companies, while most customers come from foreign countries such as Russia, Israel, Italy, South American countries, England, etc.

This should come as no surprise: Aliexpress is looking at international expansion with high hopes and, in order to gain direct access to these markets, it is hiring more and more foreign employees every day.

The online platform Aliexpress allows millions of people to do virtual shopping every day. Among the original records worth noting there are millions of goods sent to different countries of the world and the fact that the number of Aliexpress marketplace visitors per day can reach more than 40 million people.

A lot of people wonder how Aliexpress manages to work at such high loads. We must say that without a proper technological solution it wouldn’t be possible.

When planning your own Aliexpress-like stores the first thing people should think about is the best software, the best Aliexpress clone script.

Shopclues—the largest Aliexpress-style marketplace in India. 28 millions of products, tens thousands of sellers. And it is built on the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Aliexpress clone script.

How to choose the perfect Aliexpress php script?

A lot of web studios attract clients offering to create Aliexpress-like stores from scratch. We wouldn’t suggest this way as the most time-consuming and expensive one. Instead, you can choose a ready-made script with all the necessary features out of the box. It is much cheaper and can be launched in no time to start selling.

What functions does the script have to provide to create a website like Aliexpress?

Aliexpress is a product marketplace where vendors offer their goods to customers. For this type of online multi-vendor store, there are some must-have functions.

Aliexpress clone script by CS-Cart - CS-Cart Multi-Vendor - implements all of them. Among the main Admin features in CS-Cart solution for Aliexpress-like stores are such as:

  • the advanced vendor payout system,
  • configurable vendor plans,
  • multiple levels of administrative access,
  • the flexible product approval system,
  • the advanced order management system,
  • detailed statistics and reports.
As for the key Vendor features in CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Aliexpress clone script they are:

  • separate vendor panel,
  • separate mini store for every vendor,
  • 26 built-in translations,
  • real-time and manual shipping calculations,
  • comments and reviews,
  • vendor account balance, sales reports & statistics.

The CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Aliexpress clone script has been awarded multiple times by the largest software aggregators and user review platforms such as SourceForge and CrozDesk:





You should try the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor free demo to get some practice with the software and to see how powerful it is. It is available for 15 days and has all the features of the distributive.

After that when you get the idea of the powerful Aliexpress php script by CS-Cart it is time to download the distributive to test your business idea.

CS-Cart offers a 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days after the purchase. You don't risk anything when building an online marketplace with the Multi-Vendor Aliexpress php script.

If you're still unsure about the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Aliexpress script even after testing the personal demo, take a look at real user reviews from our long-term clients who have been running marketplaces on our platform for years. On average, CS-Cart Multi-Vendor receives 4.8 stars our of 5 on the most popular review websites:

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