Successful internet marketplaces made with Multi-Vendor

Sanjay Sethi, CEO

Sanjay Sethi


ShopClues is one of the largest online marketplaces in the world. It has millions of products, multiple mentions in mass media, and a bunch of awards.

  • 1,000
  • 500,000
  • 53,000,000
  • 30,000

DentaCarts is an online marketplace of dental products in Egypt. Saad Saleh, the co-founder, runs DentaCarts with his partner Ahmed Yahia and a full-time team of customer care and sales specialists. Their big goal is to give dentists access to only genuine, innovative dental products.

  • 5 500
    products and still growing
  • 3 500
    orders during
    the first year
  • 2 300
    loyal customers

Saad Saleh

Co-founder of

Yumbles is a perfect place for food lovers! This multi store offers yummy hand-made food directly from top independent UK producers. Each vendor here is an indie food maker.

  • 7,000
  • 1,200
  • 13,000
  • 4
    years online

Simos Kitiris


Case study of the apparel online marketplace from New Zeland

Mode is an online fashion marketplace from New Zealand. This multivendor marketplace actively supports genuine New Zealand businesses, so you will only find there products that are all from NZ based fashion boutiques.

  • 2,000
  • 11,000
  • 55
  • 11

David Seliktar


Keep America is a great marketplace selling products made in the US. While buying true American products, customers assist in job creation.

  • 7,000
  • 111,000
  • 6
    years online
  • 60+
    TV shows

The Secret Cellar is a wine marketplace with quite a story. Here, independent wine producers showcase and sell their drinks.

  • 1000
  • 3
    brick–and–mortar shops
  • 1
  • 3
    years online

Mike Watson


Tomasz Kretek is the co-founder of two B2B online marketplaces in Poland. connects companies with grocery suppliers and does the same but specializes in coffee supplies.

  • 40
  • Over 100
    brands available
  • 12 038
    shipped coffee for cups

Tomasz Kretek

Co-founder of and

Günter Windler

Co-founder of

Kayamo is an eCommerce marketplace of unique beautiful things from Germany. Günter Windler and his wife run Kayamo to help crafters and designers expand their presence in eCommerce on favourable terms.

  • >20 000
    products — still increasing
  • >150
    sellers — still increasing
  • 2
    years online is a rapidly growing eCommerce marketplace from Morocco. It’s literally the Moroccan Amazon. The goal of Issam Alloul, the founder of Veemo, is to open a window into eCommerce for Moroccan vendors and allow them to sell not only locally but cover the whole territory of Morocco.

  • 10 000+
    products and still growing
  • 500+
    vendors and still growing

Issam Alloul

Founder of

Try and Buy Glasses

Try and Buy Glasses is an eCommerce marketplace selling optical frames from boutique brands all over the world. TNB Glasses is a Canadian distributor. They say that when you buy from them, you support a person in need.


Clicky is a fashion apparel online marketplace from Pakistan. It offers a wide range if clothing for women, men, and kids. It is intended for Pakistan customers but offers brands from all over the world. Clicky is very user-friendly and has a stylish design.

Okuru Mall

On this internet marketplace, you can order a perfect gift for your friend’s birthday. The catalog offers a wide range of products from flowers to home products. Items look very cozy and personal, so, this ecommerce marketplace is definitely the right place to shop for gifts.


This is a marketplace selling sewing courses and books. This is basically a service marketplace and vendors are service providers. A nice design and stories of the coaches that are available on the About us page definitely attract.

Cater Us

This is a catering service marketplace. You can order here food, beverages, and kitchenware for your event. The company says that it is very easy to order from them and that they provide a friendly support.


Romman is a traditional Amazon-style all-in-one eCommerce marketplace from Malaysia. It connects Arab buyers and sellers online from Malaysia and Southeast Asia. As the company states, their advantages are low prices and fast delivery.


Bshare is an all-in-one multi-vendor marketplace from Israel. They sell products from local brands to local customers. As they say, one of their competitive advantage is favorable prices.


This is a restaurant aggregator. On Yumiyum multi-vendor marketplace, you can find the best local restaurants and order meals. You are free to browse menus, compare prices, and add meals to the cart. Customers can also use a mobile app for iOS and Android to order meals.


This is a Polish online marketplace. The main feature of it is that its owners and custom developers are the same people. The iNetServis Sp.zo.o.SKA. is the IT company who created a lot of websites and online stores for their clients and decided to have an online marketplace of their own.

They have chosen CS-Cart Multi-Vendor ecommerce platform to bring their ideas to life and now they have 7 online marketplaces. One of them is WYKLADZINA.PL where you can find anything to cover your floor at home - carpets, sidewalks, wipers and even artificial grass.

Strana Plus

This is a very unusual online marketplace created in Russia. It allows people in Russia to buy a house overseas - in Europe, the USA, Israel, etc. Looking at the images on the website you cannot be surprised that the marketplace popularity grows.


A huge Indian online marketplace, SMESHOPS, empowers SMEs to utilize their technology and operational excellence in selling and procuring goods online. They seek to become the host of the largest and most reliable collection of industrial products for businesses, offices and manufacturing units in India. They are now working with more than 40 large, established and trusted suppliers so their customers are assured of the quality of the products they buy.

Oozor is a marketplace selling lovely products for kids. It is not only an online store but also an active community. unites those who create unique outstanding things, those who write about parenting and those who love to read about it. Here you can find people developing their business and the ones who sell just for fun. One thing that brings all of them together is the love of beauty and art.

Targi Rzeczy Ladnych

Targi Rzeczy Ladnych is a lovely Polish marketplace selling things that make your house feel like home. Here you can find anything that is associated with cosiness: designer furniture, trend flowers and funny accessories to brighten your place.

Foundry Collective

A team of Foundry Collective is New Zealanders of 21st century with a passion and pride for their people and products. They believe it is the attitude of the people that fuels the success of New Zealand.

Because of this, they have created Foundry Collective, an online marketplace where New Zealand artisans can sell their products. This is a response to the need they saw to harness and exhibit the personalities of NZ artisan products.

They define an artisan as someone whose products are made with personality, passion and unseen pain.


Belgian marketplace Woodbizz sells carpentry equipment. 9 independent vendors showcase 1,000 products here. Woodbizz offers support service to consult customers.

Digital Scrapbooking Studio

Digital Scrapbooking Studio showcases works by 40 designers. This marketplace does not charge artisans a membership fee. They support artisans and keep the traditions of craftsmanship alive.

This multi-vendor ecommerce website is also a resource guide for scrapbooking. Here you’ll find an active forum, full of challenges, monthly contests, chit chat, & support.


This marketplace was founded by a style maven Natuka Karkashadze and an entrepreneur Nina Tsilosani in 2014. N-DUO-CONCEPT offers apparel from emerging designers and established fashion houses.

N-DUO-CONCEPT multi-vendor marketplace makes seasonal trend reports and inspiring photo shoots.

Greenwood Store

Greenwood Store marketplace sells miscellaneous items by 85 manufacturers. Their catalog numbers 3,500 products.

Home and Garden Gifts

Home and Garden Gifts sells gifts, souvenirs, goods for home and garden. This eCommerce marketplace also offers personalized gifts by different vendors.

Land of Greece

Land of Greece is a wholesale Greek marketplace. It has 60 vendors who sell organic products: honey, herbs, cosmetics of olive oil.

All vendors are trusted Greek artisans. Their unique products are handmade art pieces.


IKW is a Malaysian online marketplace founded in 2015. Now It features 30,000 products: electronics, mobiles & tablets, apparel, groceries, beauty & health goods.


A Bangladeshi online mall with 40 vendors and 5,000 items. They gathered all consumer needs in a single marketplace: electronics, health & sports, books & media, travel packages.


Shtotty is an online marketplace of Jewish related products. One can find here a wide range of clothing, art, books, jewelry, and other products. The marketplace works by a classic multi-vendor marketplace model similar to Amazon and eBay.
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