Published: May 31, 2014 Last updated: May 31, 2014 Yan Kulakov

As you've probably noticed, more and more people are going online with their shopping needs. In such a way, Internet shopping carts have become indispensable tools nowadays. Their main function lies in keeping track of all items chosen on the ecommerce website before a customer proceeds with the check out. None of online shopping carts manages financial aspects of the selling process - it only serves as a front desk passing safely necessary information to payment gateways.

In such a way, if you are planning to dive into online market by setting up an ecommerce store, first of all you should carefully consider all opportunities you are going to take advantage of. While the current web market is teeming with shopping cart packages, it can be a real challenge to choose a solution with the set of features and services ideally matching your individual requirements. Though if you visit, you can avoid this long and tedious searches, as here you can find one of the best shopping cart systems that are available on the web market now.

CS-Cart Benefits

We are here to cater to all the needs of online vendors looking to establish an online presence, therefore we offer you a range of multifunctional shopping cart programs, including CS-Cart Software and Multi-Vendor Software coming with all ecommerce essentials and advanced options to create a small web shop or manage an established online business smoothly.

All CS-Cart Editions are open source, PHP-based and packed with Smarty template engine and CSS-based layouts meaning you are allowed to develop your own custom-designed storefront and make any necessary modifications easily.

As a very user-friendly shopping cart program, CS-Cart doesn't require any specific programming skills, additional software solutions or tools for its use - it runs perfectly on both Windows and Linux-powered hosting servers with PHP and MySQL support. And multilingual add-ons (English, German, French, Spanish, Greek, Italian, Dutch and Russian) allow you to reach prospective customers throughout the Globe.