We offer professional installation services. Our specialist will perform the installation in a quick and efficient manner and set the initial configuration for your store.

What does the service include?

CS-Cart installation service includes installation of CS-Cart and check-up of the basic functionality of the installed software

Installation process

After the service is purchased, our specialist will contact you and ask you to provide the following information, necessary for installation:

  • HTTP & HTTPS URLs to your store
  • Server control panel (cPanel, Plesk or similar control panel) or SSH access credentials (hostname, username and password) or FTP access credentials: hostname, username and password
  • MySQL hostname
  • MySQL username & password
  • MySQL database name
  • Whether you want demo data to be installed or not

The information about the access to the server and the database can be obtained from your hosting provider.

Please use the secure Access information page of your Help Desk account in order to provide sensitive information about your server. You can just click on the Add record link on this page and fill in the fields.

Do you wish demo data to be installed? Demo data includes test products, customers, orders, promotions and other information, so you can see how the store works on your server.

After the required information is received and if no issues occurred during preparation process, our engineers will install CS-Cart on your server within one business day and provide you with all the details about your store.

Ordering the Installation Service

You can order the installation service while buying the CS-Cart license on our site. This service can also be ordered later via the Customer Help Desk system, access to which is available for every CS-Cart owner.