Lesson 33. Products — CSV Export & Import. Part 2

There’s one more thing that deserves attention when it comes to CSV export & import in CS-Cart best php shopping cart software. The process of adding new products to the store via CSV-file.

First, we recommend you to use one of the products as an example. That means that this file is exported in the CSV-file.

Second, you will need to make clones of the example product. This is really convenient when you need to add products belonging to one category or if there is only a small difference between.

Third, start to make changes. You will need a unique product code for each new product, otherwise products will replace each other when importing the data. Also, don’t forget to specify the language for new products of your open source ecommerce script. After that you can enter correct names, change and create new categories, use three slashes to divide categories from each other, specify the status, and so on. You can also add product images for new products of the electronic shopping cart via CSV-file, but first you need to upload them to your server, leave them at a certain folder, and after that enter the path to image in the CSV-file.

Fourth, import the CSV-file in the online shop software. A short report will notify you that new products we imported successfully. New products appear at Products → Products.

And that’s how you can add a large number of products to your CS-Cart electronic commerce application at once by using a CSV-file.