Farla manufactures and sells pregnancy pillows and baby products since 2013. The company has its own manufacturing facility in Saint-Petersburg and warehouses in Moscow. Farla is one of the leading baby product manufacturers in Russia and ex-USSR countries. They sell pregnancy pillows, receiving blankets, soft-structured baby carriers, and other baby goods to dealers and individuals.

  • 2013
    year of establishment
  • 30
    30 minutes managers need to master CS-Cart
  • Niche leader
    in Russia and ex-USSR
the founder of Farla
“When my wife became pregnant, it was really difficult for us to find the right pregnancy pillows made of high-quality allergy-friendly materials. And I saw a specific niche that lacked high-quality pregnancy products. That’s how Farla began.”

Farla only uses eco- and allergy-friendly textiles such as cotton, wool, and sheepskin, and healthy fillers such as artificial swan’s down and polystyrene foam. The company founders tested all the products personally before putting them on a storefront.

Farla sells their own products only. In the beginning, they tried to sell third-party products but that didn’t really work. There were difficulties working with local suppliers—they were not well-organized and often failed. So, Alexander decided to go with their own products only.

The business grew and soon dealers began to come in contact with Farla. Alexander did his job very well and never failed the customers. And soon Farla established a partnership with dealers and big Russian retailers. Now, both individuals and wholesale purchasers shop on their website—farla.ru.

The company started from making pregnancy pillows and selling them to retail customers through landing pages and simple websites that Alexander created by himself. Later Alexander realized that they needed a more advanced tool to sell and analyze the results.

At that moment, Alexander already knew how to develop websites and what platforms he could use. He started testing different platforms including free CMS but then he came across CS-Cart Multi-Vendor. Alexander found out that we also offered CS-Cart for the usual single-seller stores. He tested it and appreciated the user-friendliness of the admin panel.

“Our managers master the admin panel in half an hour. They learn how to set discounts, promotions, and everything very fast. I personally manage the whole store, configure layouts, add blocks. It’s really easy to set up the CS-Cart store.”

— Alexander says.

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