b2b ecommerce company sells professional medical equipment and medical home care appliances to doctors, hospitals, clinics, and other medical companies who want to resell their products. This is an eCommerce department of the parent company called Sigma Medical. has been selling online for 10 years now and covers the needs of the Greek market.

  • 1994
    year of establishment
  • 10 000+
  • 10 years
    selling online b2b ecommerce storefront
Konstantinos Chaskos, representative
Konstantinos Chaskos
Company representative
“We have been doing e-commerce for almost 10 years. In total, we are in business for more than 20 years. We realized that the market is changing and that there was much-untapped potential in the digital market, therefore starting our own e-commerce was mandatory.”

The aim of the company is to serve the modern needs and requirements of medical professionals in finding and supplying modern and high-quality medical equipment. Their goal is to offer medical companies and doctors an easy-to-use and friendly b2b ecommerce environment for selecting, updating, and buying professional medical equipment.

Medical b2b ecommerce company’s products Medical wholesaler company’s products in use stand on the professional expo

The website is an online store for the parent company—Sigma Medical. This is a wholesale distributor of medical devices. The company has been distributing, supporting, and maintaining medical equipment for more than 20 years—since 1994. Their medical devices operate and are supported in all public and private hospitals in Greece. They used their longstanding experience to create B2B eCommerce site and successfully sell through it.

“Throughout the years we have managed through a coordinated and efficient operation, to establish an excellent business relationship, both with our suppliers and with our customer base. Knowledge & Specialty Business Relationship, always sought by the industry and daily embodied in the company's quality policy, through its choices in products and machinery of high design and functionality.”

— Konstantinos Chaskos products B2B ecommerce company’s employees on the expo

When they planned to start an eCommerce branch, they were considering different platforms including versatile CMS such as WordPress with WooCommerce. But Konstantinos clearly understood that it would be better to go with a platform that is 100% built for b2b eCommerce.

“We decided that it would be best to choose a 100% B2B eCommerce platform. Our immediate need was to enter the digital market and open up another commercial channel for us. Currently, I would say that one of the most important features is upgradability and customization, as the needs of the market change. Also, support of the platform is really important for businesses. All those marks are checked.”

— Konstantinos Chaskos

“Quality is our only product”


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