Stark Drive is a US-based b2b ecommerce company that manufactures and sells the most affordable electric bikes. The headquarters is located in the United States and the production facilities are in China. This way, Stark Drive managed to set the lowest prices on their bikes and was even featured in Forbеs as the company that breaks the $400 barrier for electric bikes.

  • 2 000 bikes
    delivered worldwide since 2017
  • Shipped to every country
    except for the former USSR countries
  • $299
    for the cheapest bike.
    It’s the most affordable electrobike ever produced
Stark Drive b2b ecommerce storefront
Oscar Stark, Co-founder of
Oscar Stark
Co-founder of
Stark Drive was founded by an engineer Oscar Stark. He’s been working within the renewable energy field for several years. Once the inception of electric bikes came around, Oscar got interested in owning one, too. But the high cost held Oscar back from buying an electric bike.

Being an electrical engineer, Oscar started investigating why electric bikes were so expensive. And what a surprise—he didn’t find any reason except for battery packs that were quite expensive at that time.

Finally, Oscar and his team took into consideration all their findings and designed their own electric bike for the masses. It looked like a normal bicycle without big ugly battery packs. But the killer feature was the price—$399. Considering the fact that electric bikes with the same features by other companies cost $1,500 and up, that was a revolution.

“The goal of our company is to keep working to lower the prices of electric bikes with the latest features available. We originally launched the standard Stark Drive for 399 USD. We went on to launch Stark Drive Mini for 299 USD which was debatably the most affordable mass-produced electric bike ever produced. We also were the first to manufacture an electric bike that could legally be taken on a plane (by complying with the battery capacity requirements as per the IATA (max 160Wh battery pack).”

— Oscar Stark

Stark Drive red bike Stark Drive b2b ecommerce company’s happy customer Brand new Stark Drive bikes

“We have also just recently launched the most affordable torque based mid-motor folding electric bike ever produced starting at only 999 USD. Generally speaking, our bikes are at least half the price of similarly configured competition bikes and in some cases a third the cost (when talking larger brands).

“While our competition seems to be struggling with profitability on significantly larger quantities, Stark Drive is profitable even with our lower sales volumes. We operate a bare-bones team in order to reduce overhead and our only significant expense is our showroom in Stockholm, Sweden.”

— Oscar Stark

Oscar Stark (small photo)

Now, Stark Drive sells electric bikes to individuals and companies. They even shipped bikes to Tesla.

“Also something we launched in 2018 was Stock bikes as when you configure a bike on our website it takes 120-160 days to make this bike from scratch and deliver to the end user. Our stock bikes ship immediately and arrive in a week. They are based on the most popular configurations from our past orders.”

— Oscar Stark

Stark Drive small red bike Stark Drive blue bikes

Oscar manages the B2B&B2C eCommerce store himself. Besides, he has two teams of professionals he relies on. In the US, Heidi Swensson is the first contact and go-to person for all legal, organizational, or business registration related matters. Peter Growth is a media guru—helps to shape the Stark Drive image and convey the features and benefits of Stark Drive in the best possible way. In China, Liping Liu is the head of the manufacturing team. He is Stark Drive’s eyes and ears in China.

Before starting an eCommerce store, Oscar didn’t know about CS-Cart B2B ecommerce script and he wasn’t very familiar with the eCommerce software market. CS-Cart was suggested by a web agency that maintains the Stark Drive website. Oscar loves the user-friendliness of CS-Cart—he manages the store himself.

“We have faced significant challenges with our competition originally canceling our launch on IndieGoGo in 2017 by submitting a fraudulent DMCA complaint. But we persevered and continued in the face of adversity. We went on to create the website you see today and with the help of CS-Cart b2b ecommerce software, we had an exceptionally successful launch of Stark drive selling over half a million dollars worth of bikes in just a few weeks. We have found the software rigorous and reliable and without it, we would have faced challenges with the number of configuration options we offer.”

— Oscar Stark

It’s quite interesting how they implemented the CS-Cart multi-store feature: Oscar created separate storefronts for every bike model. Bikes can have a lot of accessories and options, and with separate storefronts for every model, customers can easily configure a bike without being confused.

Stark Drive wholesaler company’s products
Stark Drive company’s warehouse Parts of electric bike
Small-size red bike and large-size black bike Portable electic bike

“There are hundreds of ways to configure stark drive at the most basic level and this has been one of our most significant challenges ensuring that each customer gets exactly what the ordered and also this is one of the major advantages of our bikes being able to get your perfect bike with the specification you want.”

— Oscar Stark

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